December 1, 2021

24 thoughts on “Honolulu police release body camera footage of fatal shooting in Nuuanu

  1. This is a situation where the police were 100 percent in the right. Although from the ring footage Liani does apologize and it does seem to have been a misunderstanding, he shouldn't have attacked the cops

  2. I've been to Hawaii lived in the hardest parts. Crazier than New York by far with crazy people. Crime is bad and you don't know what these cops face. Meth crazed mental defective violent people. It's bad!!! God bless these people and officers Aloha from NY.

  3. This is messed up. First of all, the guy had no idea these people were cops as they didn't identify themselves. For those saying "they're clearly in uniform ", it's pitch black outside, so in his defense, he was just acting in self defense with 3 "supposedly random" men approach him with guns in the dark.

  4. This guy was so polite to the hysteric lady at the beggining, i'm pretty sure he didn't know they were cops. They didn't even announce themeselves as cops, and basically surprisesd him in the dark with a flash light and gun pointed at him. If someone does that to me i also go into flight ot fight mode.
    The lady is at fault too but this was mostly the cop's fault. This guy didn't deserve this neither did his family.

  5. Wrong is wrong he had no business there. But did I hear correctly 4 shots fired before they identified themselves as police. Not sure if it would have made any difference. Everyone losses in this case. I feel sorry for him and his family and I feel sorry for those officers. I bet they didn't go to work thinking today my life is going to change.

  6. Wow he just pulled his gun out automatically. Then started yelling violently, while Myeni says "Who are you?" De-escalation. Stop watching cop shows that show them shooting whom ever they want to.

  7. This is being reported so differently. Why is that women even crying when the video showed he left peacefully after realizing his mistake. The police only announce themselves after they shot him? What a joke . He asked twice who are you and they kept fighting him.

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