House Of Consciousness Norfolk, VA

This is an Awesome video done by Black Wallstreet of the New House of Consciousness!!

House of Consciousness (formally known as the Self Improvement Educational Center) is a community based center that offers a multitude of different programs, such as, food/clothing drives, after school homework help for children, feed the children summer programs and much more! We also offer a wide range of products, such as books, jewelry, crystals/stones, skin care products and the best bean pies in town! We have been around for many years serving the community and have been honored to do so every step of the way!

We offer a range of products! We have a wide variety of cultural books, metaphysical items, such as, crystals, pendulums, jewelry etc., snacks, skin care products, health care items and much more!

We also offer a wide range of workshops, classes and lectures from national master teachers. We have presented lectures and workshops from master teachers such as, Professor Griff, Ashra Kwesi, Sara Suten Seti, Delbert Blair, Natural Tahuti, Alim Bey and many many more!

And, for all you bean pie lovers, we have the best bean pies in town!


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  1. Love thw video. Would love to connect with you guys. Would like to get you listed on the black business directory that I manage as well as the other businesses and manufacturers with products in your store. Reply if you're interested.


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