September 22, 2023
HOW AFRAKA CIVILIZED THE WORLD!! PT. 1 #GeneralSeti #SaraSutenSeti

21 thoughts on “HOW AFRAKA CIVILIZED THE WORLD!! PT. 1 #GeneralSeti #SaraSutenSeti

  1. in High-school,
    in Hou.Tx,
    they Taught-Us that,
    Durin th Slave-Trade,
    China Took as Many,
    if not Mor-slaves frm Afrikkka than,
    Man,Woman&Chile then,
    worked'em All til,

    Do uKnw Anythang abou that?

  2. We was sailing ⛵️ on water before we was riding on animals. Our Ancestors used 🌳 logs to move around. Then cut them out further for more room. ❤️🖤💚 ✊🏾

  3. Foreigners destroyed Tanius the first capital of Egypt with Greek fire. Ever since foreigners came in Africa the world has not been the same. They have given us nothing but slavery racism and genocidal behavior. Sliced up the land gave it an Arab name suez canal Linant de Bellefonds foreigners the French taking advantage of the weakness of Africa during that time period. Created Saudi Arabia from conquest raids and slavery. They don't even consider Saudi Arabia apart of Africa. North Africa ain't even apart of Africa. The tree must be either cultivated or burnt down! All that African oil wasted on them foreigners. Digging up our ancestors in our holy lands. 99 percent of the universe is melanin. And we are millions of years their senior. Wake up family!

  4. Sara Suten Seti … true scholar. Hopefully one day you can do a video breaking down the 5 point star and 6 point star….

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