September 21, 2021

9 thoughts on “HOW AFRICA HELP ME START MY HEALING PROCESS #Ghana #Africa #Rwanda #Repatriation #MyLifeInGhana

  1. Was she expecting to experience America in Africa? Anyways I respect her for touring Africa. When she realized that she was not ready for Africa, she did not limit herself to one country and made noise all over the place like Carthy and KnK squad, but rather conveyed herself responsibly to her comfort zone in America. I think all of them who want to move to Africa must learn from this woman.

  2. Man this shit is SOOOOOOO right on time and she so damn ACCURATE On experiences in those countries I wish she had touched Tanzania so I can quickly decide what I’m doing xoxoxoxoxoz

  3. It's good to have a show that reveals not everybody really is for Africa or Africa is for them it takes a special type of adaptive person and some people are comfortable just as things are

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