August 14, 2022

41 thoughts on “How American teenagers like Gambia (do they feel happy or mad). Moved from USA to Gambia

  1. You are no longer African Americans – you are now American Africans. Eventually you will learn to stop being loud, arrogant and judgmental. The Gambia is the only Muslim country I have been to where the supermarkets sell bacon and pork chops because they don't want Christians and non-believers to go hungry. Good luck.

  2. I hope u be consistent with the videos. This channel has an abundance of potential that can forsee many disporians channels. …not sure if I spelled that right

  3. أنا متابعة من المغرب لا أجيد الإنجليزية كثيرا ولكني أستمتع بمشاهدتكم أنت وعائلتك الكريمة تحياتي لكم .

  4. Thanks for featuring Oh La La !!! Stop by anytime at that location or at the Kairaba Beach Hotel for a full spa service. We are open Tuesday thru Sunday, 11am till 7pm.

    Love your channel by the way; motivates us to move back home. So it’s in the works … keep us in your dua ❤️

  5. Am Gambian been here my whole life and they right about the mosquitoes , we still can't get use to them they're really really annoying and in constant battle with us. 😃🤣🤣

  6. Salaam Sis. I'm in The Gambia now & planning a move with a teen as well. Looks like we're staying close by on another. Insha'Allah we can connect soon.

  7. Ma’sha’Allah beautiful family. Would you ever wear the African outfits? And if yes why not do it this year is Eid In’shaa’Allah

  8. Every time your boy spoke he made absolute sense to me and it was even better for me that it was in a few words. His subsequent answers were also straight to the point. You did the mummy thing a few times by wanting a more elaborate answer which unfortunately isn't how young men speak and so it is a big ask. This is the first video I have ever seen and I have subscribed because y'all are amazing. Take it or leave it no offense intended. I would predict that if you let Adam be himself answer how he feels without additional pressure as he is coping with the transition as best he can. You will be shocked that he will eventually relax more and his answers shall become more elaborate. It won't hurt to try. Now I can go and enjoy the rest of the video:)

  9. I love their Life a simple thing makes a person happy that is worth the world you don’t need to have lots of money or live in certain part of the world to seek happiness
    happiness is inside of you and how you reflect on other people and worship God which created you and gave you this life
    Prophet Muhammad pbuoh said Best of you are those who benefit other people

  10. Tonight a beautiful night for me, Wallahi I have discovered my beautiful family MashAllah. You guys look awesome, I really LOVE THE VIBE! It's soothing, calming. I love you guys, 100%. MashAllah, Salwa Love May ALLAH bless her and you all.

  11. Give thanks you got your son out of america. You may have lost him to the streets. I have a lot of little cousins and he reminds me of them. I see his perspective seems to be expanding and that’s a beautiful thing.

  12. Your doing amazing we need more children's as we are way ubderpopulated in Africa. One country like India or China has more population than a full continent. I'm doing my part I have 16 kids may Jah bless

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