September 25, 2021

4 thoughts on “How Black Consciousness & "Woke" Were Hijacked

  1. If segregation, then how far does it go? I respect this view and see how integration can lead to the majority subjecting the minority but how does a society go about it?

  2. I asked a lady a simple question the other day about annunaki. The sky priestess and she went on to imply I'm racist and i think black ppl are superior, made a public post to try and make me feel away. Ppl should be wary of her. I'm not woke I'm just learning and everyone is entitled to their opinion

  3. Hmm. I don't think the generalizating of whites not wanting blacks at their table is accurate… I am a white chick though so my perception is based on that. Lol. I am glad more people are speaking out against the toxic shit going on with the left. The magical community in general is mostly leftists loudly broadcasting their views (which is cool, whatev) but then viciously attacking people who dont fall in lockstep with them or trying to extort people to making statements or doing other virtue signaling bullshit. Bunch of hive mind shit. I am of the belief that we all can just be decent human beings trying to help each other, and mostly white ppl should just stay out of the fucking way. I am not against separatism if some folks want to live like that. I like being around like minded people no matter what their skin looks like, but I know some people will never care for the other.

    Anyway, wtf happened to your fb page?

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