September 22, 2023
How Black Lives Matter And Environmental Justice Are Connected

43 thoughts on “How Black Lives Matter And Environmental Justice Are Connected

  1. I just want to say I see you Goodful! When all the protests started I saw Goodful coming with the authentic messages of support to BLM. Your video history represents your authenticity. The way you all responded earned my fandom for life. Thank you.

  2. I shared this with all my friends, idk how a message as genuine and amazing as this only has 11k views (which is alot but not nearly as much as it should be getting)

  3. I appreciate your voice and I really want the law need to be fixed, to stop the crime. Not the good heart people. I really kind to anyone , I have a anxiety problem. Soon I will be better.

  4. Great video. It should also be pointed out that Black activists actually started the environmental justice movement to fight exactly what is discussed in this video. But it was co-opted by white people (similar to the me too movement). Environmental Justice has always been about Black Lives.

  5. As a person who lives in a black community that is sandwiched between; DuPont, Denka, Shell, Motiva, Valero, Diamond Diesel, Exxon Mobil, etc oil refineries …. she is not lying 😞

  6. That was very insightful! I would have never thought, but glad im aware now
    Sharing this with my friends and gurl, keep up the good work!

  7. I absolutely love this! As an avid supporter of BLM and a conscious individual regarding environmental justice, I love seeing the intersection between the two ideologies. People tend not to realize that the effects of racism impact every aspect of our lives and including public policies, laws, and regulations created by the government which tell us what we can and cannot do, where things should go, and how they should work. Thank you for bringing awareness! This young woman is especially inspirational to me as a black mixed-race young woman currently in grad school hoping one day to have such an impact on the world. It takes all of us standing together and speaking truth to power in order to effect change.

  8. Thank you for bringing awareness in areas populated by Black & Brown People. I currently reside in Lancaster Tx and over the last 15yrs more Farm lands have been turned into Vacant warehouse buildings. The quality of air is depleting. During town hall meetings the people was informed more jobs to the area. NOT TRUE. People of color have to vote and continue to speak up. We will continue to be affected with Chemical imbalances and distruction.

  9. Black lives matter has become a joke. I will never support such division. Plus it's funded by George Soros who wants the people divided so we are easier to control.

  10. The best thing I encountered today: a vibrant, informed, articulate, relatable, reasoned young Black woman putting the light on an important issue. I like that phrase: intersectional environmentalism. Go!

  11. Sorry, but you can't push "intersectional environmentalism" while profiting from companies (Patagonia and Logitech) which manufacture in China. China is a COMMUNIST nation with a terrible human rights record. China as weak environmental protection laws and China has been accused of using the Uyghur people as SLAVE LABOR in manufacturing. This is pure hypocrisy.

  12. Racism and climate change are both malicious lies designed to make you scared so you will sell your soul for protection or justice. Enjoy your communism.

  13. Serious question, why does it matter what race the victims of climate change are? I believe in global warming and believe we should help them. But why does their race matter?

  14. Please don’t come after the endangered species. It’s reeling of speciesism. This seems insincere. How are you making someone else’s murder about you?

  15. Al Jazeera did a piece on Global Witness’s report on the number of environmental activist that were killed within the year previous. Virunga, the Netflix Documentary makes the same point you have in an expose that exposes the powerful forces that are crawling the planet for resources that belong to the planet not to them.

  16. I support the part of the BLM community that peaceful protest.But I don’t support the ones who riot and kill innocent civilians and destroy businesses.I personally support the all lives matter community more though.

  17. More communism. Blm isn’t about black lives or justice. The founders admitted that. And if this person was serious about the environment. She wouldn’t be living k. A conventional house that just sucks the environment to death. Or wear polyester.

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