September 27, 2023
How Black Lives Matter Spread to the Netherlands

“At the end of the day, you really want to know where you’re from.” The was one of the last European countries to …


9 thoughts on “How Black Lives Matter Spread to the Netherlands

  1. I'm a Dutchman and I learned more about my country's complicity in slavery from a visit to a coastal town in Nigeria where slaves where shipped from than from 15+ years of education in The Netherlands. We really need to come to grips with our colonial history and the role we played in the slave trade.

  2. I'm indonesian if the Netherlands are responsible for any colonial past. Indonesia would be first in Line. But here's the thing, systemic racism is bullshit. Your demands are empty. Work hard keep earning bit by bit things will get better

  3. I am looking for an Afro Dutch dialect coach if anyone watching this would be willing please message me

    Also if anyone knows how to connect me with the actress in the video please do

  4. Nu, de geschiedenis kan hersteld worden want dat is wat blm vraagt. Alleen vrees ik als we de geschiedenis letterlijk herstellen, vrees ik dat blm ook niet zo blij zal zijn want dat houdt ook terugkeer naar afkomst in.

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