September 22, 2023
How Black Lives Matter went from a hashtag to the largest movement in US history | Just the FAQs

From Trayvon Martin to George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement continues to highlight Black lives lost to police and racial …


25 thoughts on “How Black Lives Matter went from a hashtag to the largest movement in US history | Just the FAQs

  1. Many people – food company’s – businesses- MJ – all of them fell for the scam
    But they keep chasing Trump while the whole bunch of crooked left laugh and get away

  2. Yeah, all lives matter. Why can’t we get in contact with that black man? Where is he? When I caught every single day no one answered the phone now there’s money out there he’s all over the place.

  3. Black lies matter in Providence, Rhode Island oh, about money tried to call him any other time today. Answer the phone no black, live matter and problems for Apple and it’s full of crap.

  4. They raise all of that money, but did anyone check out his background or what he did to females and what he did to the public no one wants to answer that question how he’s put a gun to a woman who was seven months pregnant no one wants to dig inside that conversation Black Lives Matter are you Nager’s can’t keep playing

  5. Go to the woman who is seven months pregnant he put a gun to his stomach ask about that or are they afraid to step into those waters or are they afraid to find out what he did before that it’s a shame that he died, but check out his background

  6. People are afraid to say about what he did. He was a bad guy, but no one wants to speak about it. It is a shame the way he passed away the way he got killed, but he was not a good guy and no one. No one in the public wants to speak about that. No one wants to find out that woman who got held up with a gun to a stomach seven months pregnant. It’s popping up paid off they won’t find her otherwise than that. What did he do in his life besides Rob and steel and check it out George Floyd, Mr. Man you want to

  7. No one wants to do a deep dive about him and if they do, they do not do not want to do it. He was not a good guy, but it was so sad the way he died, but no one wants to bring out but he did a few people if you people.

  8. Can someone please tell me where in Providence Rhode Island oh yet is that money going to?😅 Where is the money going to in Providence Rhode Island? 05 called thousands of times could never get the chief of the project now that we’re under a winter wonderland the come out money, money, money, money, money

  9. What is his share of the money since I tried to call him all summer could not get a answer from him or anyone from the telephone line now they’re out here like cockroaches

  10. Does he only come out in the winter time or summer? I was trying to call him at the station they had on Clinton Street. No one answered the phone now there’s money out there. His face is out there.

  11. I can’t afford it, but I’ll pay that two dollars. Every step of the way. Just said he won’t give it to my business. I’m not sitting on Federal Hill trying to get extra money.

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