September 18, 2023
How Black Lives Truly Matter | Magatte Wade | EP 271

Magatte Wade is a serial entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and visionary leader with a passion for creating positive …


34 thoughts on “How Black Lives Truly Matter | Magatte Wade | EP 271

  1. This lady is looked identical with the press secretary of the white house. You can't win , or you willing to go around the world with the person one way minded and got zeros from it!

  2. 1. All lives matter.
    2. Black lives are a subset of all lives.
    3. Therefore, black lives matter.
    The fact that this is a debate shows how much further we have to go to defeat racism.
    I had a debate with classmates, and I asked them "do Black lives matter?" and they hesitated before answering.

  3. Wow! This was an AMAZING, enlightening podcast! I have listened to many many JP podcasts, watched debates, lectures, interviews, and shows, but none has inspired me to leave a comment til now! I'm not a social media commenter in general. Thank you for this most compelling enlightenment! JP and Magatte, your wisdom and truth amaze me! You are both unbelieveably impressive humans and I wish you godspeed and longevity in all your pursuits. Keep making the push to change the world as you are doing! God bless and thank you so much! 🤩😍

  4. All lives matter. And we have the tech to overcome our issues. We just aren't using it for some reason. Any and every country needs to get and keep their good or great leaders. Many places are always at war with themselves because they think the answers don't exist. They do. Please look into the tech that's available for every part of life. The more you look, the more you'll wonder why we aren't living far better lives. Or on our way to doing so.

  5. Combine self running generators and power walls in homes and businesses for seemingly endless clean energy everywhere all the time. Have a mechanical direct connect to the axle of EVs and solar, to super charge them. No more plugging in. Use V2G tech to transfer extra energy to the power grid for everyone to use. We have the answers to everything. Use them please. Use 3d printer construction robots to quickly build residents that are far cheaper and more efficient.


  7. It’s more so guilt for the people that weren’t as fortunate. I’ve heard about it watching stories about North Korean escapeees. Same with Africa, it’s the guilt that you have it good and they don’t

  8. Yes yes and yes!! I attended primary school in Zimbabwe and one of the things I found most interesting about Zimbabwean history that they taught us IN SIXTH GRADE was the economic and political system of the pre-colonial Zimbabweans, with a regime that dated back to the thirteenth century. I look at monuments like Great Zimbabwe that were made 600 years ago stone by stone and still stand solid today despite numerous wars and earthquakes, because they were specifically designed to be resistant to tectonic activity, and then compare that to modern buildings today which can't even sustain a 7.8 magnitude earthquake (if you know you know). Not to mention the thousands of unemployed qualified doctors whose lives are wasting away because of a lack of job opportunities. All while being exploited in every inch by numerous Asian countries. As Magatte said, education is not the problem.

  9. A strong self made woman entrepreneur. Comes from a poor Africa country but became a successful business owner. Didn’t believe that being black is the reason why she will never become successful. Didn’t blame white people for the conditions in her native country. Believes that hard work is better than getting hand outs. Educated. Articulate. Professional. Pro capitalism. Everything about this woman embodies a positive role model not just for women but for all people wanting to be successful. Is it any wonder why the liberal media, and talks shows do not promote her as a prime example to follow? Instead, we here in the US are promoting Cardi B as a role model for young women. The World’s gone freakin’ nuts.

  10. She's a threat to a lot of people, mostly black american thinkers, who are often bought by some religious houses to act as leaders of Afrikan civilizations. As though, like she says, slavery marked the beginning, like the book of exodus. I wish for her safety.

  11. Jordan Peterson don't even like Black Women so what's he trying to prove by having her on as a "guest"? And most of your white folks soo deep into Jordan Redscull Crybaby Peterson believe that all to most African's IQ is merely 80. So this upload is just another sham of his.

  12. This is the first interview I'm watching, I'm so captivated to the point that I can't even do my work. It's really remarkable listening to her speak, and watching Jordan getting her to articulate reasons behind her choice of words or certain decisions made..amazing.

  13. They don’t matter…If people were honest, and weren’t afraid of going against their half witted friends, who all bought into the genocidal lie the media saold to the Western masses that FACT would manifest like the rising sun. Take the government’s manipulation out of the picture and everyone would go with their own…It’s natural and right to do so. Add to that, that blacks are clearly less intelligent ( just look at their lack of history in any and every way possible.. they are less intelligent by far, and are are more, being driven by emotion rather than thought, than any other race. Take the governments murderous mélangée, the hemlock they’re forcing down t( throats of Europeans, the repulsion and separation of the races, in terms of negroes anyway, would be like the same poles ( same is very ironic here) of a magnet. I’ll take on anyone on on this subject…Go for it..Try no prove me wrong….You can’t, I’m speaking the truth. Nature cares not for your délutions and suicidally stupid feelings / cranial Hara-Kiri…Think for yourself, if you can’t still think at all, and trust your instincts. The truth is ALWAYS opposite of what the media pushes…That should be self evident, but you’ve all been not only neutered of your instincts, you’ve all essentially been lobotomized , all by academia and the media, both controlled by the same forces, and all done by design. Qui d’autre que moi peut voir? Personne…If they can’t they’re too gutless to speak up.

  14. The truth is 90% of people lived in not that much better codintions just 100 – 200 years ago even in Europe thing is there was a revolution based on human drive to progress the science. We have literally been carving runes in crystals to then power it with lightning to do our work for us since over half a century ago just because of people having the approach of competition and achieving and replacing the a bit older tech of shooting electrons out of heated metal. What we did is really just short of magic.

  15. Black lives in Africa apparently don't matter as much since most African leaders keep their people in poverty and enrich themselves. Western countries are the ones who send billions to help them develop, and many charities who build water pumps, who send doctors, food etc…
    More whites sent money to Africa than black people, and then they are called racists!

  16. Africa could be a paradise if people like her represented their countries. Taught them the virtues of responsibility, self motivation, personal freedom and liberty. They need to learn their potential instead of giving up and trying to escape. And the corporate west needs to stop abusing their natural resources for personal gain and play a fair game. They deserve the fruits of their labor and ability to be sovereign. Same with Latin America. But the Marxist disease is so prevalent throughout developing nations it's hard to overcome its brutality.

  17. Sooo what's needed for Africa to be prosperous.. is Africans taling the initiative to free their markets and capitalize upon their skills and talents mote freely.. along with that, westerners if we want to have good relations and trade partners with them.. should look for how we can invest in enterprise. African run and operated business, funded by westerners where those investors get a small kick back and the Companies are allowed to flourish and grow.

    So.. Africa needs, food security for many. Clean water for many. And infrastructure conducive to living a dignified life with something to show for it. Not saying you can't live with dignity in a Yurt.. but it's better let's say to have a building and streets.

    Alot of this.. is Africa making the moves and doing the work. But they have an advantage many in the last didn't.
    The hindsight of what does and does not work.

    And Africa does not have western leftists telling them their race is the reason why they live in poverty, and thus they'll never escape the trap of being black. <—– I can not think of a more vile and contemptuous statement to tell someone and assets as true.. and the Left does it to our Blacks in America all day, every single day.


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