September 20, 2021

4 thoughts on “How #Colorism and #Black #Consciousness Led Me to the #IBMOR Red Pill

  1. very interesting.. I have lots of Muslim Friends. All of them live in and is from the Middle East areas, and i have noticed that about ALL of them, that they seem to idolize White. which of course made me sort of distance myself from some of them. I know there's colorism in Our culture but damn. Anything White is beautiful is like a rule in theirs.

  2. Ok, so no reaching out. That's cool, so I'll add a bit of commentary here. Upon listening to your statements, experiences, perceptions, and realities I have gathered a few things. Now, being light skin for men or women was never a detriment in the same way as is being dark skin. Being dark skin isn't glorified whether you are attractive or not. Dark skin is perceived as ugly, even on an attractive woman. It takes a lot and I mean a lot for a person to get passed a beautiful dark-skinned woman's skin tone to even feel comfortable calling her beautiful. Now, not to negate your experiences, but light skin on men is only associated with a negative connotation if the man is simply not attractive. So, while your light skin is being seen as a negative it is perpetuated as such because from what it sounds like, you are not overall phenotypically appealing to women and therefore, your light skin is viewed as not helping and actually hindering your appeal. You said that your friend told you that you look as goofy as one guy sound. That statement was in reference to your look. If you looked how you looked and was dark skin, people would associate your unattractiveness with your dark skin. So, to be fair, yes, your light skin is being looked at, but realistically, it's not simply because you're light skinned. Unfortunately, light skin people often think their complexion is supposed to be a protection for them when all else fails. And in some cases that is the case, at least amongst color struck blacks. But the truth is black people don't care for any form of blackness, light or dark when it isn't attached to a perceived societal privilege, ie beauty/attractiveness and wealth.

  3. It really sucks how us light-skinned black men are seen to prove ourselves to our own community. I was glad I was raised to just be myself n not see color, u know I think light skinned black men only and dark skinned women only suffer the most sadly. In my environment I only see dark blacks with only other dark blacks or brown skinned at the lightest for Black or they will be with another race and what's sad I only know 3 to 5 people in my entire life where I ever seen a light skinned and dark skinned black person together and I'm 19 now. I plan on leaving state for many reasons but I just want a better life and honestly I'm getting to a point where I don't want to date city women anyone and I want to experiment with small town more off the grid women. I really hope I finish with a black woman but I really hate saying my changes are soo low because me being red pilled, conservative, good person doing right, light skin, and being more different than the average black person I feel like the true minority of my community, do u think my experiment I plan on trying will be a good idea vs dealing with the majority of corrupt women in the city?

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