How Do You Know When Higher Consciousness Guides You?

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Question for Eckhart Tolle: How do you know when higher consciousness guides you?


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  1. trust/distrust is a belief. you need belief because you do not have enough consciousness.
    when your insight arise, you 'see' things clearly and 'know' what to do. the same way you know the right time to cross the busy road.

  2. The thinking mind or ego will be fully off. You will FEEL the other persons intention. There will be no interpretation by the thinking mind. The feeling comes from deep within, almost from the center of the body or spine. It is slightly euphoric. This imparts the truth to you, you feel the truth and know it. There is no thought involved.

  3. Its always the mind which guides. Higher consciousness need not guide you ,
    higher consciousness is complete by itself it has no desire to guide ego its
    always the mind that gathers consciousness that guide you. consciousness
    is neither a subject or an object its the totality that allow us to
    see and feel the presence of mind (the subject and the object) . we
    (ego) could supply it or use it to find our -self that we are not mind
    but the non doer or higher consciousness or we are totality by our-self.
    So its always the mind that desires and guide itself to higher

  4. As Eckhart Tolle says it is easy to be distracted by the mind instead of becoming aware of higher consciousness. This is essential. But really this is the first step to higher consciousness. Just like those who have near death experiences we can use out of body travel and visit heaven before we die to learn of higher consciousness first hand as all the saints of old have done. For anyone interested here is a video on my out of body experience to heaven-    Near death like experience in the God Realm-  Near Death Like Experience In The God Realm part 1 of 2. Their is the Vardankar channel if you are adventurous enough and have let go of the mind enough to want to explore heaven.

  5. How does one know what kind of impulse to follow? Just being present to what ever comes out your mouth or actions is the consciousness that will then recognize the answer to that question …

  6. i think i learn more from him form just how he gos about things. so calm and just relaxed. How eveything he says is just to be ok, live ok and feel ok and be healthy. so nice, so careing. wow im impressed honestly i havent felt this way since i read about socrates.

  7. i think its hard to do what socrates said and if you disagree with someone, just nod and walk away, we want to teach. Lol i dont think there is an answer to anything but choices. god the more i think i know the less i know.

  8. what if you see people getting hurt? you see sadness and thats why the person is saying what there saying. Im sad that eveyone gave that person a thumbs down, as in saying what they have to say is wrong. And im glad im sad about it cuz i feel. I understand you must change yourslef to change the world, but i cant take that one "unawakend" person can ruin the lives of meany. even giveing a thumbs down on something someone says from there heart is like saying im better then youim glad they care

  9. It is because such things are taught as being "of the devil" or evil. Fear is actually an intrinsic part of Christianity for many. Fear of the devil, fear of sin, fear of hell, etc. Many go to church or worship more from a fear of what will happen to them if they don't than for the love of God. Semantics are important to them. Change the wording meaning the same thing and their resistance/fear drops. Christianity is a faith based religion; it's all about what you believe. Flawed from the start.


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