October 19, 2021

26 thoughts on “How Fish Farming Can Save The Gambian Fish Industry From The Chinese

  1. It is a great idea and I like it ironically the same thing happened in Zambia so it's important to put things in place that will help and protect our people these Chinese with their fake foods we need to be careful and do for self and stop being eternal consumers.

  2. My Maroon side just come out after watching this video how can we run them rass out chiny man to bright! Fish farm is good but we should have that for export and Gambians should fish out of their water and get their salt water fish. Wi need to stop buying hair, bleaching cream and other nonsense from them let them know seh a wi run things n thing n them no run we.

    Ppl in Gambia need to boycott them n mek noise so the other industry n countries no what’s going on put them pun notice wi have to stop ramping with theses ppl don’t buy from them by any means💪🏿

    Yes AP as you said self reliant eat what we grow grow what’s even eat mek them move n gohway!

    Sorry for the rant it just bun mi fi know my ppl suffering cuz of like of them ppl them a nobody in fi them country n com a motherland a tek liberty.

    Sorry I can’t speak the colonial English right now!

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