September 19, 2021

36 thoughts on “How I Moved To South Africa

  1. My Name is Oscarine Nolwazi Nondumiso Mkize, Proudly South African ZULU girl from the KZN. I moved back to SA after living abroad for 10years. This video was highly requested by my amazing subscribers who were aware of my moving back journey. Feel free to watch more videos on my channel where you will get a complete background thank you 😊

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  3. Your experience is so inspiring. More interested in buying a property as opposed to renting. Any trusted websites to search for properties you would recommend?

  4. i know this was made a long time ago… but me as a South African i feel sorry for you, or anyone who wants to move here may it be for work or anything. this country is like a broken family, nothing but hate, racism, discrimination and domestic violence with a lot of drug use… oh and poverty. If you want to come to South Africa please dont its for your own safety

  5. If you're searching for best places to move to, look up Johannesburg North suburbs like Rosebank, Bryanston(expensive), Fourways, Lonehill, Sunninghill, Northcliff, Northgate, Northcliff, Craighall, Craighall Park, Randburg(cheaper), Randpark Ridge, Blackheath, Blairgowrie, Sandton(very expensive)
    Trusted SA Property websites:

  6. …ooh my God! I remember your video when you spoke about CLUSTER…you really dissolved me into laughter on that vid. That story made me laugh and shed some chicken tears…😂…hey, keep uploading.

  7. I've watched this a few times since upload and I'm so glad you made this video. I've looked and haven't found one with the detail you went through, very helpful as I prepare to make the move back home.

  8. This was a great video. Great advice. God bless you, girl! 😍 My niece would totally love you because of your wisdom on spending/saving your money. I've always been very impulsive but I need people like you in my life. Glad I subscribed! 🤸🏽‍♀️

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