September 22, 2023
How Ieshia Evans became an icon of the Black Lives Matter - BBC News

25 thoughts on “How Ieshia Evans became an icon of the Black Lives Matter – BBC News

  1. A very courageous woman. Skin coulour should never ever define you as a person. Silence speaks louder than words. Let's hope that those people who still don't get it, will now. Thank you Mrs Evans.

  2. Who is here after the MAGA Capitol Hill insurrection wondering how come no one was arrested? To clarify, of the 52 arrested, 47 were for breaking curfew.

  3. Congress in the United States, during the days of heated protests in the United States, planned to introduce legislation to pay one million dollars to every African American, for all years of oppression. But since protests in the United States died down, this law was not passed

  4. Yet, her culture is committing over 50% of felony violent crimes of murder, rape, assaults, and other evil deeds. I'm all for her show of good well, but the focus should be her cultural education on decreasing violence across America.

  5. I’m not even a racist but I just have to point out that in the United States it’s seems that the biggest threat to black people is other black people. Not to say that police killing are justified they are disgusting but it just seems the black community is putting all its energy into fighting the wrong issue .

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