September 22, 2023
How is our repatriation coming?

10 thoughts on “How is our repatriation coming?

  1. You make a lot of sense. Continentals and the diaspora sometimes forget the ties that bind us. You reminded me. I remember giving money to the struggle against apartheid as a young student at FAMU.

  2. I am Nigerian and the issue here is that African diaspora do not desire to live nor invest in Africa. Lebanese and Indians do not use the power of their countries to invest in Africa. Do you know any African American who is a multi millionaire living in Africa? There are tons of Lebanese and Indians who own factories in Africa. Who do you want to blame for Tribalism is Africa? Tariq Naheed is critical of Africans also!

  3. You ignored the history of colonization in Africa which has evolved to Neo colonization. The impact of Marcus Garvey and many African Americans of his era boosted the push for independence in many countries in Africa excluding countries like Ethiopia that was not fully colonized. Liberia was given to retunee African Americans who treated local Africans somewhat poorly. Altogether, you cannot keep talking about Tribalism it is culture that defines a group of people or tribes as you call it. The French and English fought each other in medieval Europe. So we need good partnerships between African Diaspora and Continental Africans to move the Continent forward.

  4. Great video! To be honest, as they stand right now, Africans do not seem particularly valuable for Native Black Americans to try to associate with. Dont expect younger people to waste time and money on Africans.

  5. I love our elder information concerning the assistance of Africa American contribution to Africa especially south africa. Nigeria and Congo are one of the richest or mineral endow countries in Africa and their citizens may not be informed about AA contribution. As a Nigerian in Nigeria am aware that my government contributed hugely to south africa. I still have to blame Africa American for not leading world order in the black world as European Americans do to the west, and African American not able to pioneer United States technology to Africa.

  6. Awesome view points and very well said. I must say I never consciously thought about the "cooperation" angle, though unconsciously, I felt that it essential to our growth. That cooperation only comes when we have established the base of "understanding and love" from which to work. As it currently stands, Africans and African Americans are doing tremendous work together. Can we do better, absolutely.. Will we do better, absolutely… The future is shining bright on the possibilities of this inevitable and successful marriage. I'm so grateful and happy to be a part of this movement.

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