September 21, 2021

17 thoughts on “How long it takes to relocate to Australia from South Africa | S3E1 | Challenges to expect

  1. I enjoy your videos and definitely think Australia is best for our family. I am committing to it and will be working hard to see what they need. I am even considering doing my MBA and better finance choices to save for the visas and move.

  2. Hi Promise, so happy I found your Chanel, I’m a South African living in Abu Dhabi and I have been thinking about relocating to Australia, however I don’t know how I’m going to be able to collect all the required documents while I’m outside of SA as traveling to SA is not an option due to covid… Any advise for me would be highly appreciated

  3. Thanks for this video Promise, its really encouraging. You really do highlight tips that an immigration lawyer will never tel you. eargerly waiting for the Pr journey video

  4. 😳😳 two years!! So I should get started moss I wanna come there for my PhD and then settle there vele. Yah no I need to get serious with my research now

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