September 18, 2021

27 thoughts on “HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO MOVE TO NIGERIA | Move To Africa From USA | It's Iveoma

  1. Thanks sis for this cuz am moving to Nigeria soon and am into stocks trading 😊so do you buy the vpn in USA and which company did you use ?

  2. Hi Iveoma, thanks for helping & I saved this vital info about VPN & port my U.S number in preparation for our move to 9ja in few years. You are the best!!

  3. Listennn, I’ve been hearing that VPN’s are out here saving lives! I currently work from home in the U.S. and though the org. I work for has restrictions around us not working outside of the states; I’m wondering if I could get away with it by using a VPN and them not finding out… Lol Loving your videos btw. Keep up the amazing work!

  4. Hi ive , could you please explain how much you paid to clear your property.
    Did you use an agent to clear your properties ?
    Please this is my email address, .
    I want to move my things from south africa to Nigeria, I need help to clear my things.
    God bless you for an amazing work you doing.

  5. Hi I'm a licenced practical nurse of 13 yrs I'm so ready to move out of this country to Nigeria but I don't even know where to start like I need to know i could work housing etc… how did you first get established did u know ppl? Like I know this is something I need to do but how is the question

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