September 25, 2021

23 thoughts on “How much money do you need to move back to Africa?

  1. If people in Africa can make it than others can do so too. It's all about your mindset if you are planning to eat in restaurants and rent hotels driving taxi all day long or build big house from bricks then you really have this westernized mindset and you will be bankrupt within a short time any single where. Everything in dollars or euros is already more than the locals think wisely

  2. It’s not how much you go with, it’s what you do to make money when you get there. You need some money for resettlement, rent and bills for at least 3 to 6 months. If you want to raise £30,000 you have to save and budget. People are moving abroad and then having to return because they haven’t planned or prepared.

  3. Don't go to African cities and not eat and stay hotels!. Be humble and life like local people they sell delicious food who is also cheap rent a room. I was Somali a holiday I think I use 200 dollars for 40 days!.

  4. Hello I enjoyed your video I have a question though I'm 8 months late I hope you get this so my question is my children are grown I had to retire early in life do to my eyesight not bad enough to have a seeing eye dog but I wasn't able to fulfill my dreams as a doctor or a nurse or even a teacher well okay to make a long story short I receive $800 a month and I saved a little money that I didn't give away to my children maybe a few thousand would I survive in Africa

  5. I am white , italian and i would love to move to Africa East or West but i am a little scare as my color of my skin may put me in danger . Yah i do agree what you said on this Video . Honestly i want to move away from big city's .
    London is beautiful but i had enough , i need new adventure .
    I Been here in London 15 years now i did enjoy my life here but is time to move out not only from London but out of UK EU etc
    i Love naature i need a peaceful life life see new culture , new people and new friends and live with simple things .
    Yeah i can make build up any business in the future just to support myself
    So much to add on here so my Black brother thnks for your video it was nice to listen your advice my all the Best.

  6. bout halfway thru and i gotta say this is a great vid. def have some type of plan tho id say, have yr money right & know what you're doing/signing up for. besides that great energy

  7. U don’t sound realistic.Even going on a planned holiday requires you to take some spending money, talk less going back to a place meant to be home, and after living abroad for at least 10yrs, you are hanging around families, it could get to a demeaning experience.

  8. Depends how much money you bring in monthly. You need $20k or so to get situated for a couple of months while you spin up your business and that's it.

    If you are not an entrepreneur then you need $700k or so invested so you can live off the dividends and capital gains.

  9. Valid points. From anecdotes, I would say £/$10,000 is enough for a single person to move back home for good (this can easily be raised in 12 months if you are sensible). This will cover one way flight, investments, emergency fund, accommodation and living costs to supplement your sources of income (business or job) when on ground. All the best with the move back home.

  10. Brother Segun, I like your output in this video. Going back to Africa is key. So you are on point it doesn't matter how much money one need. All that is needed is a business skill, then choose the country in Africa that is appropriate for that skill. And before going see if you can already build connexions with like-minded people so that you won't be on your own. Keep it up man. Chat soon!

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