November 29, 2021

50 thoughts on “How The Black Consciousness Community Was Born & The Removal of Free Thinking #MUSTWATCH

  1. My great grandmother kept our family separate and i didnt know why. Until I found out that she was a mode for the freemason and she use to go to meetings late night. She is confusing and now I know that is a tactic they use is to confuse people

  2. And there you have it, post civil rights, crack epidemic and prison epidemic. Now it’s the opioid epidemic that’s destroying the white & also slightly the Asian community. Color doesn’t matter it’s all about keeping the masses confused and divided. Sad 😞

  3. Big fat grinning well-fed arrogant men in dandy suits should never be taken remotely seriously or imagined to have any integrity whatsoever. I'd learn more about life, integrity and earth history from observing the dignity of a bedraggled pigeon sitting quietly in the rain contemplating imminent death than I ever would from these monstrous egos and charlatans.

  4. That NYPD is run by the Irish priest class, the same ones who terrorized Ireland with the dictats of Rome. They're about the destroying the authentic masculine, America per se is about destroying the authentic masculine which is the real reason they're cleaning up in the middle east with Israel's direction, to wipe out the remaining vestiges of authentic masculinity that resides there. It's not a war with Islam, Islam is the third head of the lying hydra, Islam was contrived by Rome to destroy the authentic masculine of the patriarchal world just as catholicism was about suppressing the authentic feminine in the matriarchal European psyche. They know when there is no authentic masculine, women become 'ho's and bitches'. The Irish feminine was particularly repressed, the priests and those Rome witches they call nuns, real witches not the earth feminine females they persecuted and called witches in the west but the females who do the bidding of the false masculine that controls this world, the modern version is feminism, used to destroy the authentic feminine. So the NYPD priest class hiding under the guise of police, policy enforcers, were instructed to suppress and control the genuine African masculine which Rome and the jews fear most because like Bro. Sanchez is showing, it can expose their game, the jews wanted the authentic masculine potency for themselves so history was rewritten to give all the credit of pre-Judean history to them and their 'God' and Rome went along with this lie to control the authentic feminine and so the tyrant (ego) and the whore (vice) have to be nurtured in human beings to degenerate consciousness and keep our minds in their paradigm of control. So New York being the citadel of murder and vice, controlled by the druids/priest class , Roman senate (Godfathers) centurions(mafiosi murder inc.) and pharisees/sadducees/zealots (jewish intelligentsia/artificers/mafia) was the centre for global influence and the twentieth century degenerate. Black consciousness' and the lies it expounds to appeal to the narcissistic tyrant (black ego) was to turn the black females into ho's or feminists like they did with the Irish females who were turned into self-immolating neurotics or nuns. The whole catholic ideology, inverted truth was using the false benediction of sanctimony to nurture the tyrant and the whore in our consciousness by reprogramming the intellect to absorb lies and fiction and have the brain violently protect the lies and fiction, self-policing or passively submit to self-tyranny, the pimp and whore syndrome or Stockholm Syndrome. Need to see through the zionist and Roman inversion of reality, only then can truth be touched but truth is likely an electric charge to the falsehood of sanctimony, the bedrock of Rome's control. People would rather destroy their own children generation after generation incrementally than have their sanctimonious reality paradigm dismantled but then the druids weren't averse to sacrificing children to their gods.

  5. The very term 'free' mason implies we're all initiated into the club whether we know it or not through all the contracts we make with the state, the number one being the economic system but as the low level builders of the pyramid we're free to make that choice as innately autonomous human beings so our complicity is totally our free choice and we can't pass the buck onto those higher up in the hierarchy simply because we're the sweat and toil behind the edifice. In fact we're free to rise up the hierarchy and initiate ourselves into the upper levels by rising above conscience and sentiment onto higher degrees of psychopathy because as fellow builders our conscience and emotions are nothing but sanctimony, spiritually valueless because they pertain to the values of the hierarchy and sanctimony is in fact diluted psychopathy, hypocrisy of one who serves evil but imagines they're good because their servitude is on the lower levels and their rewards are basic and they think they can point the blame at those higher up but they can't because they're serving the same system. 'Free' mason also implies the individual is free to down tools any time they choose if they have the spiritual courage, it's quite a clever term really.

  6. When you brought up the presidents. Its true that a large percent were admitted Masonic and I thought the others were members of other fraternal orders (all the same at the top). Like the Knights of Malta, OTO, Rosicrucians, etc. ALL of them were/are members. None of these secret orders are any good for humanity

  7. Bra u not spitting facts huey was not a mason he was in a fraternity but was not a mason he went to a community college in Oakland and was in a book reading and study group with bobby seal he grew up in Oakland with my dad fought in the streets like every other black kid. Im from Oakland and forsure know that huey was no agent. He really was in jail for killing a police. 23 hr look down all day he was in there with some of my older rads (BGF) and trust me he did not want to be there. Want kind of agent put they self through that kind of tourtcher. No bra he was no agent just a regular brother who wanted to help his people stop getting all your info from the internet and come to Oakland and talk with some of his family and friends that knew him. He had flaws like every other human but he was no mason or agent stop spreading YouTube lies without getting the facts

  8. Holla at me bro my Instagram is @Bornillegal357.. The fake jews & freemasons are always deleting my Instagram for exposing them. Just made a youtube channel appreciate ya work.. " they " are always threatening my life also. Got some good information to share with you.. Ask about me.. Im the dude they say has mental issues Everytime im exposing these fake leaders πŸ˜‚

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