September 22, 2023
How the Black Lives Matter movement has evolved 10 years after Trayvon Martin's death

It has been nearly 10 years since was shot and killed in Florida, igniting protests and the birth of the Black Lives …


39 thoughts on “How the Black Lives Matter movement has evolved 10 years after Trayvon Martin's death

  1. Racist Marxist organization under the guise of “social justice”.
    Where’s the IRS investigating these criminals, ohh yeah that’s not gonna happen. There’s your “reparations” grifters.

  2. It went from a grass-roots organization with good intentions to a socialist/leftist organization that embezzled funds to buy one of the founders a mansion. BLM is no longer about social justice, but socialism for the members and wealth for the founders.

  3. Somehow BLM doesn’t see that they have turned into the bigoted racists they are against. Usually, non-profits are able to show how they’ve used their monetary donation to aid their mission statement. In this case, it is fraud and conspiracy against Apple, Nike, Microsoft, and millions of good willed Americans. They will be in jail soon and can cry about white supremacy there. They’ve done it to themselves through greed and corruption.

  4. Anyone following this news on BLM's finances?

    "California's Department of Justice is reportedly warning a Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization it will hold leaders accountable if they fail to provide financial information regarding the charity group's supposed current $60 million bankroll."


    Black Lives Matter 'delinquent' on finances, Calif. AG warns BLM risks tax-exempt status-abc 4 news

  5. how has BLM evolved? why dont you tell the truth CBS? what a bunch of bs. BLM uses its clout to terrorize every american, putting fear into everyone, trashing the entire country (i guess they wanted it to look like the way the like to live), murdering people, terrorizing the pubic, and stealing millions of dollars that should have gone to victims of unjust matters. BLM=largest organized crime group this country has ever seen.

  6. I see you Father Maria Mother of the ones who call themselves Elite , who speaks blasphemy against Mama's spirit in the Natural woman causing the natural man to hate her spirit and love yours. As your children sacrifice Mama and her babies. I know what you plot against me but I do not fear. I have already seen who I am destined to be. The remnant that will judge your children and those who follow them. Mama will finish off the prostitute many men love over her. The awakening is here. Mama is who the Elite fear.

  7. This case is so similar to the Jussie Smollett case. A fake narrative was presented to the media, and the media fed that narrative to the public. Unlike with Smollett, the media continues to sell the false narrative of Trayvon Martin having been murdered. The evidence is clear that Zimmerman stopped following Martin and 3.5 minutes after Zimmerman stopped, Martin returned and attacked Zimmerman. The evidence is there for all to review. Zimmerman was in area A, and Martin was in area B. Martin ran away from area B to area C and then into area D. Zimmerman ran into area B and told the dispatcher that Martin was gone. 3.5 minutes later, the attack started. IN AREA B. NOT in Area C or D or E or F. But in the same area Martin ran away from. AREA B!!!!! If Martin did not voluntarily return to area B, then how did he get there? If he returned voluntarily, then why did he return if not to confront Zimmerman? There is not one person that is able to answer these questions without being contradicted by actual and credible evidence. How are you people so incredibly naive (and moronic) to believe Zimmerman is guilty when you can't answer these questions?

  8. Blm flop will again if they don't take look in the mirror and say black people commit most of crimes Is sunzu To understand the enemy you must understand yourself then No man will fear a 100 battles

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