November 26, 2022

26 thoughts on “How The Cherokee, Chickasaw, & Choctaw STOLE The Identity Of The Black Aboriginals Of N. America!

  1. I'm glad the truth coming out it shows the true nature of humanity give benefits and they'll keep the secret for you and deny it til the end of time we gotta understand they hate us because they not us and we no longer can live around people who have this combination.

  2. These so called "Natives" were never in the "Caddo Indians" Choctaw/Chickasaw Cherokee territory until
    after the "Trail of Tears" The United States brought them in to populate Oklahoma!!!! alone with the ' Dawes commission $5 Indians…. Identity thief!!!

    My Ancestors were in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, etc. for over two century (before Settlers) until the great Migration of the 1950's there were NO NATIVES/MONGOLIANS IN THIS TERRITORY!
    These current " Federally recognized/$5 Indians/Mongolians" are fraudulent….They are not INDIGENOUS to this land!!!

  3. And then this title is disrespectful as hell to those people. Just ignorance at it's finest! It's a bunch of Native American imposters running around here today…black and white. Learn to embrace your African heritage and stop trying to be something that you're not! You gone embrace the 10% of the Native American side of yaself and say f the 90% African side of yaself? It's something with yall. Wake up! #PoliticallyIncorrectNegros

  4. Yall be doing way too much for me….as if the natives weren't in the Americas 10,000 years ago. Black Americans are Africans some with a small percentage of native American, white etc, whites are just that, white Europeans, Native Americans are just that, the natives of America. Some are dark because we came to the America's from Mali almost a 1000 years ago but these Natives were there before we arrived and greeted us when we arrived. GO LOOK UP IT! It's sad to me how black people are clearly mostly African but are still talking about they are Native American because they have an extremely small percentage in them. It's starting to look like these types of African Americans don't want to be African…that's sad. Self hate and hate for Africa is real…my Grandma was African American and Choctaw Indian but you'll never hear me saying that I'm Choctaw, I may say I have some choctaw in me only if somebody ask me but I identify as African…my DNA test that I took in Africa proved that I am 80% African. Stop with this bull-ish, it's mad annoying how much African Americans show hate for themselves as Africans. Enough is enough!!! Look at your hair, it's African, now sit down some where with the b.s…know ya self and then learn to love ya self. AFRICAN POWER!!!

  5. I'm not arguing with you I just want to link bro just for myself this is groundbreaking stuff I'm putting together a documentary where I sit a bunch of old people down and I'll talk to them about their grandmother's and stories they've heard and their family and I would love some of this stuff for a point of reference and also to figure out questions to ask

  6. Where i grew up, the older folks never said they were indians. They always said they were African! Everyone shouldn't be generalized like that. They do in fact have many "black" folks that can trace their history to AFRICA!

  7. This is why I asked that the black folks with the feathered headdresses on all the advertisements had a name, they didn't name themselves Blackamoors since they aren't Choctaw, Cherokee, or Chickasaw or were their names hijacked much like the people who claim to be Israel when they aren't. Are all of these "Native Americans" just a bunch of Chinos and Sangleys claiming someone else's history? My family on my father's side all lived in Choctaw areas from Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Mississippi.

  8. The slave trade lie was created to cover the shame of a 100 million murders of the aboriginal people on the African and the American continents. Charles Darwin’s book: “On The Origin of Species” was created and published in 1859 to sell the theory: “Evolution, and Survival of the fittest” to make it appear that the millions of people they killed, and enslaved were nothing more than cattle, and less than human, and the killing of them is not the same as killing a human living soul. Humans are stronger, and more fit to survive, than is the less evolved people they killed, and land they took.

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