September 22, 2023
How the FBI Sabotaged Black America

Includes interview with FBI informant , who admits burning down the Watt’s Writer’s Workshop on FBI orders, and other acts of infiltration and sabotage.


15 thoughts on “How the FBI Sabotaged Black America

  1. The late, great Gilbert Noble hosted and produced his groundbreaking television program, “Like It Is” on WABC-TV for 43 years! You will never see television like this again on mainstream TV. This is true “reality” television. You can still watch some of his epic programs on line. Google, “Like It Is.” History buffs should prepare to have their minds blown! Salute to Gilbert Noble and WABC-TV forever!

  2. This is why the super rich of today , Jay’s and Oprah n such, DONT get in volume with any organization related to black change and movements because our government would silenced them.

  3. Right after he said presued you can haer the black agent said and replaced they wanted to choose someone for us that's crazy because they do that now and Fred Hampton mentioned that in one of his Interviews

  4. Gilbert Noble Rest in Power ….. Civil Rights Pan African Black Power Movement Black activist artist movement…. Enter Black Technology in Buy Black Business and Exchange movement…. We are still on the move …. Power!!!

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