October 11, 2023
How the FBI Tried to Intimidate Martin Luther King Jr. - Drunk History

J. Edgar Hoover uses his power as head of the FBI to antagonize leader Jr. Watch full episodes of …


38 thoughts on “How the FBI Tried to Intimidate Martin Luther King Jr. – Drunk History

  1. Actually several ex mafia members confirmed that Hoover was gay and they had photos to prove it. Back then it would’ve destroyed his entire career and life. Instead of going after mafia he chose to assault the civil rights movement💯😳

  2. Chappelle said that Cosby paid for the sounds system during MLK's I Have A Dream speech.

    Cosby and MLK were tight yo…. hol up!

  3. Hard to fight against organized covert harassment. Also, there's also a science behind it, where the more harassment and abuse an individual goes thru, the more likely they are to become a criminal. Therefore, it is a covert form of manipulation and completely eliminates any human rights that a person has. It is what it is. I rather fight them than fall for their traps and become forced to be another one of their slaves. They are slaves.

  4. The FBI killed MLK. The King family filed a lawsuit against The FBI for wrongful death and won. Judge Joe Brown was the judge on James Earl Ray's appeal and said he would of found him NOT GUILTY if he didn't die.

  5. 🔱✨🕊👩🏿‍🦳👘🧕🏿👣 a loyal man being separated by a social society that hates families togeth3a on goodwill side n it’s shameful to disgrace a hard working man that freed thee world & kicked her out his homeland

  6. Maybe Hoover was just a racist heterophopic. He was just mad at all that black p*ssy he was getting. It makes sense when you think about it..like a crazy person.

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