May 22, 2022

39 thoughts on “How the West Keeps Trying to Rewrite Africa’s History to Justify Their Horrendous Crimes

  1. She is on target. At the same time, the White nation feeds upon the disunity among the Blaque nation. Until Blaque people figure out what unity means, division will always be among them. It is without a doubt, reconstruction starts first in the minds. Our indicator is our pigmentation—melanin. It is the representation of Mother Earth. Wake-up First Nation people, it time to find yourself among the stars. James Brown, say it loud, “I’m Blaque and I’m proud.”

  2. She is so right about the inaccurate history pushed in the West. It's meant to maintain the divide between its citizens. Many of us are aware.

    Please don't consider all whom are white skinned to be like the "white men" she speaks of. The people she speaks of are pure evil and come in all colors. The majority of them just happen to be white.

    The rest of us just want the truth and for good to prevail for all. ❤️

  3. Yea thats right what white do and did was false but u have to make diffrence in everytime period and Country it has Asshohles and Good ones. Am White and have nothing to do with what the Whites do before 400 years half of my Fam is black from east africa. In my opinion rassism/reverse rassism its just stupid to make why we everytime make hatred between us ppl Cut us from Religion, Color, Political, Football, Nationality why the fck we cant life in peace with respect love truth

  4. The West has always lied! History was written for the White Westerners to be better than other races. They colonised the real America! They brutally ambushed and killed the Indians. Stolen there land and made it white!

  5. I liked , am white and I know and I reckon that's Truth, like many many many others white that since always fighted the majority of white and their ideas of supremacy.

  6. Dear African brothers and sisters, please it's not so much about history, education, politics or the ammunitions; there is one thing that we need to do: we urgently need to repent and go back to the spirits of our ancestors. We have been bewitched by Christianity and foreign gods; that's why we have become weak. This has been revealed to me. I'm appealing to every Africans, especially the mothers who are still taking the children to those evil (but pretending) churches, please please please, save those children.

  7. Unfortunately this lady joined the group of African women who stood up against white supremacy, but still married white men. It's a contradiction, and it weakens her message against ws.

  8. The things that we have to remember is that during slave trading colonialism Black man sell another Black man to the colonialist… This selling Still continued systematically by most Africaan leader not elected by Africans but assigned by western powers… Africa must clean own house..

  9. Sooooo. When are y'all going to talk about how Africans sold other Africans? We are our worst enemy. Not the white man nor the Arab. When we heal and apologize as Africans. Then we can fight the others.. FACTS👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  10. Sooooo. When are y'all going to talk about how Africans sold other Africans? We are our worst enemy. Not the white man nor the Arab. When we heal and apologize as Africans. Then we can fight the others.. FACTS👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  11. May you rest in peace mama, you said it as it is and may your words live forever. Long live Africa, long live the black descendants of mother earth. Black and proud till the end of time.

  12. She is 💯💕 correct about The Carass 🏔️ Mountain 🏞️ people "NEANDERTHALS" because they are the Serpent's"SEED" the Hebrew Bible speaks of. She is correct because the Hebrew Bible teaches of us those who Leadeth you into "CAPTIVITY" must go into "CAPTIVITY" those that kill you by the 🗡️ "SWORD" 🗡️ must be killed by the 🗡️ "SWORD" 🗡️ "REVENGE" is his thus saith The Most High (OUR) Elohim Yahuah through his only begotten son (OUR) Lord, Savior and Bridegroom Yahusha Hamashiach. Amen….!!? Shalom, Salaam my Hebrew Yisraelite Misphacha. 💔💋💞💖😍🕎🥰💝💕👄

  13. If we are truly children of the MOST HIGH GOD, we must FINALLY do things HIS WAY:

    Our collective Prayers can change things.

    In our weakness, GOD WILL show HIS STRENGTH.
    2nd CHRONICLES 7:14:   If MY people who are called by MY name will humble themselves, and PRAY and seek MY face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal/RESTORE their land.

  14. Great QUOTE by
    Chinua Achebe, the prominent NIGERIAN novelist and essayist  (1994 interview with the Paris Review):
    …"There is that great Proverb — that UNTIL the lions have THEIR OWN historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter."
    (Mar 22, 2013)

  15. White people come from Modern human male Africans mixing with archaic human female neanderthals we know this from dna. One of the characteristics of Neanderthals is an ability to see other humans as aliens so they can be brutalized tortured genocided and murdered with no guilt!

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