September 21, 2021

20 thoughts on “How To Avoid Africa Repatriation Scams. w/ Pan Africanism Strikes Back

  1. Aissatta made some good points. The thing is many African Americans come to Africa with American eyes. You’re black, but you’re still American. The complaints they had about Africans are the same complaints that black people have about their families in America. Colonialism was just as brutal to Africa as the slave trade. Why are we arguing??

  2. Am so disappointed our Black brother’s trying to put the African down the gambian people’s r nice people’s. U have to respect each other like brother’s an sister’s. We have to real to ourselves if we don’t we not moving anywhere. Respect ur brother’s an sister’s if u don’t nobody will not respect u. We have to love our people not to disrespect them

  3. Can we start having discussions… Without singling out our race ..When you hear business white men having a discussions..addressing an issue in their race.. they don't single out their race… They just correct and reprove without ever mention it.. Brandon is being so typical.. Constantly putting his race down.. Because he feel he's found his way.If GHANA wants to give away land out to .. Unfortunate AA… Please stop finding fault in that.. Trust me I'm not looking for no handout.. We're never gonna grow as a people if we can't stop being typical toward one another… That's what the world wanting and seeing..Please start help your people.. some they can help you..It's all about the numbers.. So stop with the criticizing..that cause division.. You can't expect everybody to be on the same level… But you can help your numbers to increase with unity in your race..🤔 I wonder why they call it.. race of people.. Because we're all in different categories trying to win a race..everybody's sticking together..but us.. And you wonder why we keep losing..🤔🤦‍♀️

  4. What Adrodamus said is true. People scam their own family in my country. If Afrodamus, goes back, they'll try to scam him….off the strength that he comes from America.
    He is telling the truth.

  5. See the temperature of the comments over this? The online community is not even a sampling of both sides of this issue yet it's casting a huge shadow and whatever bs white supremacists say about both sides to put us against each other has seem to have taken root. A handful of people scammed a room full of people and one person and her online followers insulted her host community by not respecting their customs – that's what happened but people outside of the issue all of a sudden have this blood feud energy, why? Get on code black folk and shit like this won't happen

  6. Alot of white folks from Europe and North America have been complaining about the corruption and scams there for ages!!white folks will never spent their money there unless you are white that's why you see South Africa developing so fast and the rest of Africa lagging behind,yet they just won independence in 1994 .I have those friends with deep pockets . If you are coming from the west always consult with the designated embassy . They will send spies and the millitary to help you navigate that country on the down low. You will not see them but its important to let them know about what, why and how long you'll be there …

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