October 26, 2021

30 thoughts on “How To Beat the Virus in “The Hive”

  1. hivemind have many interpretations but saying uniting all as one would save the world is foolish youd just create one VERY smart indviduial who would be entirly alone to just expand and grow until there nothing left even if it can devlop space travel it WILL run out of food or new converts eventually and since it became one with everything it will have to fall into cannabalism and consume itself and if new prey dosent arise in time the hivemind will eat itself to death

  2. This is my Idea with the eyes. They are categorized by the amount of the infection. Like let's say Bright blue is least, Yellow is a middle area, and the black has the most infection. So as the Bright blue and Yellow produce less infection right now, They will make more later. But Black eyes are at the Maximum amount of infection. For example, at least in this video, Only those with black eyes they are surrounded by the black slurry. ((I know this my be a stupid theory but I feel like this may be correct!))

    P.S. I love your videos and keep going with making content, I feel alot smarter after I watch stuff like this and in general you are a super talented person! I hope you have a wonderful day and that your dtaying hydrated! :DD

  3. Ironically hive mind in traditional meaning would be weaker. If you look into history of humanity most development was made by people who thought differently than the others. We need unique minds to go forward, w/o them we just stay in what we have. And virus having thoughts of everyone probably couldn't help it as it would still have kind of single mind

  4. The problem with a hive mind or a combine mind void of percinaly is there's 0 creativity. Yes this hive mind has access to the ideas and blue prints of those it took over but once that we'll runs dry the new borns it takes over from birth will never have the chance to grow and develop.

    This is why you see when companies and businesses (blockbuster) refuse to try new things they die off. Only people trying risks or thinking outside the box or try new things case waves to be made in the world. A hive mind like this lacks that creativity. Thus it may say it is good for humans but really it will just be a timer set for until a thret comes it can't adapt to . And humans along with it will parish.

  5. Just got home from work, boyfriend started college today and our younglings just got on the bus. Time to watch my favorite YouTuber on the big Tv without any distractions. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

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