July 6, 2022

31 thoughts on “How To Deal With Family/Friends Opinions About You Moving To Africa

  1. I was born in France but I moved to Africa 1 month ago. Personnaly I told my familly about my move toward Africa when I was 100% sure that I had a job and a house there. When I told them I was moving to Africa I had already bought my flight, so they cannot convince me to change idea. Now I'm very happy in Comoros.

    My advice is to never listen to your familly members, because they are egoists and will tell you to stay in Europe/USA. However, they can't imagine how it can be so stressful to live in Europe/America to you. So just do what you want to do (as far as you are well prepared)

  2. Gurl,
    You really hit this one on the nail. If only you knew how many people needed to hear this. You are soooooooooooo
    inspiring & everything that you shared makes A LOT OF SENSE. Other people's fear will hinder your decision making IF you allow it.
    More & more blessings to you & your family.

  3. I have the solution and it works EVERY TIME. I show them a video of property or the cities. And they can not believe what they are seeing. The last guy I showed a property in Kenya his response was "oh we got to get there". Family here in the states are just asleep from the lies we are told and what is shown on TV but when I SHOW them- it's a new ball game. Think about it.

  4. Thanks for helping change the narrative on Africa. Unfortunately a lot of black people in the Diaspora are still ignorant about the continent. We hope and pray that the positive experience of those who have made the bold move to relocate will inspire others to come too

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