September 19, 2021

18 thoughts on “How To Deal With The Fear Of Repating To Africa (Repat Journey To The Gambia) 🇬🇲

  1. Guys I'm pleased to see you taking the leap and moving to Gambia. I am in two minds about returning to Jamaica or moving to Africa so I'm very curious to know what were your reasons for leaving Jamaica to move to The Gambia. Hope you won't mind shedding some light on this?

  2. Ok, now I understand how you all plan to sustain yourself, mainly( or at least partly) through patronage…Nothing wrong with that, but u guys AREN'T solely relying on FAITH WITH WORKS, u have subscribers who will send MONEY(not Faith) monthly…I'm not sure if you all have children, but anyone with common sense WOULD NOT just snatch up their kids and go, for me I have to plan for them as well as myself…Its not just my life I have to consider, I have to consider my kids' lives as well because I am responsible for them…I will make it to Mama Africa sooner than later…Be blessed…

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