September 17, 2023

As you read this, Nigeria’s President-elect, (pictured above) is preparing to take office. The challenges that his new administation is about to confront will represent the first real test of its preparedness for governance and signpost what the future holds for the country.
With crippling debts, huge inflation, heightened levels of insecurity, persistent corruption and a massive unemployment challenge, Nigeria’s new government would need to pull several rabbits out of the hat to stop the rot that has stifled ’s largest economy.
More than at any other time during his eight-year rule, Nigeria’s outgoing President, Muhammadu Buhari, has had to confront tough social realities in the last six months, when it seemed like the country had reached a precipice.
Buhari’s government had its work cut out trying to tackle a series of unfortunate events that included a poorly managed currency redesign policy that has seen a depletion of the…

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