September 28, 2021

39 thoughts on “HOW TO GET A JOB ABROAD BEFORE MOVING: Working Abroad Opportunities #visasponsoredjobs

  1. Hi Guys! So, tell me…if you could work abroad RIGHT NOW, which country would you love to be working in? Please don't forget to hit that LIKE button to help me out with the Youtube Gods and also reach more people. If you like the sound of Work Abroad Wednesdays, then leave your questions, comments and suggestions below. Thank you! x

  2. Hi Dels, found your video very helpful thank you! I have worked for a year after graduating with an LLB Law degree I wondered if I can use this to help me work abroad?

  3. Great video, Dels. I am a TEFL certified teacher based in Nigeria, but seeking to work as a teacher in London or remotely.
    Any suggestions, please?

    Can you also post a link, plus access fee to your CV writing tips or training?

    Best regards

  4. I will graduate this year as Arabic English translator . I would love to find a job or at least train more then get haired 🙂 . thank u dear. I would love to hear your advice .

  5. Thank you for the tips <3 I'm looking to move to the U.S but I get no answers from all the applications I sent. I will keep trying and hopefully, my dream will come true!

  6. (Talents between being lost and forgetting)

    Alienation is a bitter solution for all those who have narrowed down the world and have not found a pure and honorable work through which to make a good living.
    But what forces the branch to bend is often high winds, does man choose an alternative home if all means are scarce؟!!؟
    The rapid pace of global economic development, persistent population inflation or increased number of graduates may be the reason for the lack of suitable occupations or jobs for university graduates.
    But life should not stop at that negative point and anyone with a university degree must find the real solution whether it is working in the same place or outside the borders of the country
    The mind should not be sorry for any moment that has never been good, but the mind must decide to travel as birds do if they do not find anything to fill their hunger and initiate migration،Until there are suitable vacancies, the embryos will return to their land again, all parts of the world are the same, and man is brother to man, and everyone should help others, which is the true characteristic of the meaning of tolerance, cooperation and fraternity.


  7. So happy to stumble on your channel! I'm a newly grad in the UAE and currently applying for jobs online. While that's that, I'm like binge-watching on every career 'advice and tips'. Instant subscribe!

  8. I'm an undergrad animation student in India, and I'm gonna be looking for jobs somewhere in Europe or US in about three year. I really hope my broke ass can land a job somewhere good so I can fund my stay abroad, and I'm oh so ready to work hard for it.

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