September 16, 2021

27 thoughts on “How to immigrate to New Zealand? – Moving from South Africa to New Zealand

  1. Best video that you made so far. Thank you very much. You've got the best South Africa to NZ channel according to me. Just the music can be noisy sometimes so I struggle to hear you

  2. I really like your videos, but when you talk, the music is loud and extra noise on top of your voice. Thank you for all the info, and nice trick to put two of you on the same screen to 'share' information.

  3. Hi. Please advise if the process is very complicated. I have started doing research and found a company who assists in the process for 90k. This seems quite excessive. Would I be able to do it myself? My situation is similar to yours but I would be going over 1st and then trying to bring my fiance n child over..

  4. Is it true that NZ has biggest brain drain in the world with 25 % of their population who made a runner already, thats about 1 million Kiwis right? Why is that? I meet so many NZ people here who are not interested to ever return to NZ…but hey the Indians, Islanders and Chinese are stepping in…lols….

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