October 18, 2021

13 thoughts on “How To Make Money From Africa Trading Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency

  1. So we are supposed to invest in the digital currency that is going to collapse countries? Hmmm. On another note, can this strategy be used in stocks, bonds, options, and futures?

  2. 1:05:46 All good. Lots of BITCOIN. But, you have pointed out, Bitcoin is tracked. Sure, a person would have made a huge BITCOIN haul over those years. But, for those of us HERE in U.S., if you SELL the Bitcoin and receive FIAT U.S. dollars you are looking at an awesome tax bill. (Not saying it's not worth it, but tax man is in on your fortune.) Better hope you don't get cheated, because you will STILL OWE THE TAXES ON REAL FIAT U.S. dollars. CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG: You have to pay U.S. FEDERAL TAX "REAL" FIAT MONEY taxes on OWNING BITCOIN. In your example, you would have owed U.S. Federal and State taxes on BITCOIN for EVERY YEAR you held it.

  3. great information for those who need to know about crypto trading Eric. People be careful trading Bitcoin on margin because its extremely volatile and can wipe you out in a blink

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