September 21, 2021

20 thoughts on “How to Move to Africa 2020

  1. so as African i want to say to you black americans with the risk of shocking you. Africa, central and west africa is not made for you. there are electricity cuts, there are water cuts , no hot water, there is bribery, there is scamming as people don't have jobs or have very low income, prices are expensive as all goods are imported.rents are very high as all people want to live in big cities. Africans do not accept what their governments put them through but they are tired of fighting.govermnents cheat at election and they use bribery and tribalism to low down any protesting voice. saying this how you black americans do with this? instead of settling in africa unless you are rich, you can a) go as an expat worker with your company to africa. by working 2 or 5vyears in africa it will help you understand the culrure and see if you can cope with the local habits, the weather, built a relation with a community whether that community is local or expat ( as an african i went on expat in Europe, it help me a lot to know if i could settle in europe and build relationship there..)b) do many exchange programme /mission to african where you stay for more than a year. keep good relation with the economic bureau of the US embassy to know what is happening economically in that country and the price of the life standard for a family with 1 kid in high gives you a good benchmark of how much it will cost. read the united nations for development report on the country. c) invest in basic infrastructure ( health, education, water/power supply) . this is the case for example of the international high rank Lucca hospital in ghana that black americans build and are running.bkack americans in the US have collected funds internationally to build it.big up guys! d) invest in already settled companies that transform good locally in order to reduce the level of importations of the country, you can do this investment to a fund based in the US who is liable in the US to you in its investment e) promote autonomous farm-house in village, farm-hous who produce their own energy, who produce organics crops to make the village selfsufficient in terms of food. you can use exchange mission mention above to check out this. if you are rich you can buy a land in the outskirts of big cities or in village ( buy land with the help of the lawyer of the embassy working with a local property/ real-estate barrister) and grow and build your own selfsufficient farm. SO how do african cope with this. for us having a bit of money we buy little power engine in case of electricity cut, we have solar battery charger for mobile and solar battery light for gardens and house. we have farms in the village and we plant crops on weekend or some family members take care of the farm and all the family profit from it. we have "tontines" (community money saving meeting) that is within group of friend of high school, co workers, village brethen we gather each month to deposit in an account a certain amount of money agreed earlier. after a year a member of the meeting has the right to collet the 1 year total amount gather and that goes on and on for each member of the meeting. in Africa you should be related to a group/community. even if you don't want to be with white american expat, if you have not built a relation with local OF YOUR SAME SOCIAL LEVEL please mingle with those white american it will give you a relief and a social contact just for a start. speak also with other non american expat as other african expat of your social level. I insist on the same social level. So my dear Black american, in our central and west africa, there is no amazon, no starbucks, no electricity, no water, a large bribery but what I have done to make the continent get rid of this disease????

  2. Thank you for your information, I know it was Yah that sent me to your Channel. You two are very special to the Most High. He has great things for you and family.

    Very peaceful calmness spirit you both have I know that is Christ Yahsuha live in you I also see His light 💡 in you both.

    From Atl I will connect with you. Coming to Tanzania. Yah bless you He has work for you to do for His kingdom in this earth.
    🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 amen Follow His plan.

  3. Hey I really like your guys Channel, is their any way that I can pay you $20 for an hour of on the phone consultations? America is getting scarier the more and more I see people wearing masks🥺

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