September 18, 2021


  1. We were AFRICANS in AMERICA for over 200 years before we could legally claim American Citizenship in 1868 with the passage of the 14th amendment. Which means we have only been considered AFRICAN Americans for 150 plus years, so why wouldn't we want to go home to AFRICA? Its not like we were fleeing our continent to find a better life in AMERICA, we were brought here by force.

    What is odd and downright despicable is every other race or creed can say they want to visit or move to the place of the origination without controversy. Italian Americans can visit Italy or moved there, no one says a thing. French Americans can visit France or move there, no one says hey you are running away. Jewish Americans can visit Israel or move there other American Jews says nothing actually they encourage it. But when African Americans talk about visiting or moving to anyplace in AFRICA, its a five alarm fire, why are you running, we dont come from there anyway, the africans hate you, the people are nasty and live in trees, they sold your ancestors why cant you get the message, You should love america, and the list goes on.. and to top it off, most of this comes from black Americans around you. Most white folks could care less if you left or stayed.. To any AFRICAN reading this I am sorry but this is the cold honest truth about most of the AFRICAN Americans here, they have been conditioned to hate themselves, AFRICA and anything that comes from AFRICA.

    There are a few like myself that will never dishonor our ancestors who were brought here against their will, we will love Africa and the new USA at the same time. I say New because who could love the old USA that kept our people in chains more than 250 years.

  2. Another one leaves the PLANTATION that is America Hallelujah ❤️ America is a country built on our destruction. The police, the educational system, housing, healthcare etc…. is set up to destroy our people. My sister almost DIED in childbirth because of a racist sadistic doctor who would not give her an emergency C-section. The police killed my book nerd brother. America doesn't deserve us, is uses our labor and our bodies. America has done a 24/ 7 anti Africa propaganda campaign to keep us from leaving. They don't want us to leave because they are using our labor and tax dollars. We need to STOP supporting America. Good for this sister.

  3. I always liked ghana, it seems more humbling and down to earth more like freedom. Rather then Nigeria, I don't like Nigerians tbh veery prideful and Americanized

  4. Wow Britney ! we have a similar lifestyle ! i grew up in London England Ghanaian parents ! visited Kenya 1990 and fell in love with the country visited every year since then ! now retired an apartment in Nairobi and building a house in Ghana ! lets hook up up at some point Nairobi / Accra ? hahahaha!

  5. It’s true…. International language teachers can live well….there’re many in Asia and some quality international schools. I see no advantage either working as a teacher in America compared to some of these international teaching jobs.

  6. why people look down upon Africa especially whites and Africa Americans? whats different ? Africans always bath every morning and evening, but whites and some black Americans do not bath and brush their teeths, but they always say shit and stupidity against Africans. Let me tell you people, you will regret in the near future, i swear .

  7. Why do you say trotro is not the safest? You have your reason but explain it. People don't die in taink trotsky, if you are careful your bag won't be stolen. It is just not organised. Like stc. But that is for long distance.

  8. You will enjoy it ,the people are friendly but if you don't have money there you will smell pepper. The Politicians steal a lot to make themselves rich with the country's wealth .They spent Dollars whiles the country's currency is Cedis.

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