December 1, 2021

23 thoughts on “HPD says fatal Nuuanu shooting 'was not a case of overreaction'

  1. I’m so glad that the charges against these fellow officers got dropped and they are cleared to resume back to duty. Also glad that the lawsuit filed against the city was also dropped/denied not even a settlement out of it. Good guys 1, bad guy 0

  2. "this was not a case of overaction"

    From what I've seen this cop immediately pull out a gun on him, this man clearly was confused since the cop didn't identify himself nor open the cop cruiser lights(sounds) Nagata then said

    "You know it's obvious with the uniform, police cars."

    He couldn't see the cops car since it's either on the other side of the parking lot or outside which you could see that his still inside the property and can't see the cruiser, he can't see the uniform since the flashlight is shine at his face and it's in complete darkness, more less the man could've have just thought his being pointed with a gun from a stranger his instincts kick in and he tried to fight the cops

    After analyzing the video a couple time I only notice one of them shot a tazer, but that was right before he was shot.

    Honestly it's the women's fault she could have seen that the man took out his shoes thinking it was the right place even if his at the right place he said "I know the owner" which she clearly ignore and call police not answering any question given by the dispatch and just saying crying over the phone.

  3. If you are wondering why your "police " is not considered a real one, and why only the FBI is, here's one of the mutiple examples your blue gangs keep giving.
    Stay a third world nation in denying.

  4. The woman is responsible for his death. He apologized MULTIPLE TIMES BACK TO BACK and was leaving and she kept crying to the dispatcher acting like she just went through the worst thing ever, even AFTER HE Left and to make it worse she's like

    "THAT'S HIM THAT'S HIM!!!!!" when police arrived. The husband was calm and collected. Why she kept crying to police all over dramatic is insane. I mean… She even walked OUTSIDE after him. But yet she's sooo scared?

    I've had people walk into my home by mistake, I was scared, they apologized and left… I didn't call 911 and kept crying in the dispatchers ear like my life was in immediate or potential danger, especially AFTER they left.

    Her behavior escalated the situation causing the police to respond as if some dangerous man just broke into their home and is fleeing. Police are definitely in the wrong for how they handled this.

    The entire situation is horrible. The poor man just wanted to pray

  5. When a Flash light is pointing at your face, is hard to see whats in fronto of you, the police didn't introduce themselves as a police officer, its dark out + flash light pointed at your face + 2 dudes pointing a gun. And you have no info who they are??. HPD IS A FAILURE YOU GUYS ARE A JOKE!!
    Don't forget about the woman who overreacted the hell out of this situations, my man just stood up with confusin and you call him a thread. He even say sorry multiple times for the misunderstanding. Hope the family got the justice they deserve

  6. Yeah right. They were defending themselves, even though theirs three of them. They didn’t need to shoot. They could’ve easily tackled the guy down and detain him, leading to a non-fatal incident.

  7. The lawyer says he is from Africa lmao! This is what happens when we no longer make individuals assimilate to this country! No "normal", "average" American citizen acts like that okay!

  8. He was not approached by cops. He was approached by a bunch of unidentified men, flashing light in his eyes, and yelling get on the ground. He attempted to protect himself from what appeared as a threat. The first approaching officer or officers failed to perform their duties as peace makers. Everyone involved is hurt and suffering. A man lost his life and now others are trying to save theirs.

  9. I didn't see him throwing the first punch, maybe they're exaggerating and yelling and probably the cop is the one who start punching the guy. Smells like fishy, also if he was committed a robbery I don't think he would've waited the police or apologized to that racist bitch who made it up everything. People are not stupid. I wonder how many hours it took the police to editing the video can't trust anything comes out of their mouth.

    3 grown men against 1 and they had to shoot him because they were so scared to death. Wow what a pussies, I guess the only training American police forces get's is fire arm or attack as pack like wild dogs.

  10. Guy was an idiot for entering someone’s home and refusing to leave immediately, girl was an idiot for freaking the fuck out, cops were idiots for not announcing who they were, and we are idiots for paying our taxes because guess who is going to support the family for the next 50 years after a lawsuit?

  11. But he was talking to one of the other police officers before the other officer arrived and said “get on the ground” he knew what time it was cmon don’t play stupid bruh you knew it was the police.

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