October 18, 2021

36 thoughts on “Huge REGRET Moving From California To Austin Texas!

  1. I live in California but I have been waiting to move out there and now I’m getting ready to leave to Texas I don’t like California and I have done research and gone out there I love it. That guy should just go to California then 🤷‍♂️ stop complaining

  2. I have gone everywhere in the US. My favorite areas are all in the South or Southwest. Actually most people in the US are personally very nice people, but Geographical areas DO have their own vibes. And the East and East Coast vibes are mostly shitty.

  3. Come on everyone the man was right. Texas is horrible. I can't stand it either. No one should even think about moving here. Pass it on. Please, and thanks!
    Oh and for anyone with cedar allergies. The tree makes berries, or technically cones, every year and they are ripe and ready right before and during the blooming. Eat a few everyday/week as we go into the blooming and during if need be. You can make tea with them too. Quantities needed may vary. Point is… the antidote is given from the females while the males bloom. Many other uses as well. Just get in tune with nature. You know, like the brilliant californian did. ha

  4. I moved my business from Canada to Los Angeles in 2010 (I am NOT new to California…I've visited California a few times a year for couple decades). In last 10 years, I've witnessed this city of Angels turning itself into what I've seen in refugee camps in Africa and Middle East.

  5. I live in the bay area—and this is a Liberal dystopia—I wish it was more like Texas—Because California is a shit hole run by Democrats—A complete Failure—I'm going to move to Nevada, were maybe I can find some peace and I was born in California.

  6. Everyone who is moving here now is looking for what it used to be. Up until 2000 it was a nice town and now it’s just another city.

    Asheville is the spot if you have a remote job.

  7. This dude moved here without knowing anything about this place. Austin is a river city. Lots of rivers here to enjoy. The big one is in downtown (blue water good for kayaking and competitive diving off of bridges, tubing makes this awesome) , but there are also many small ones that you can go enjoy if you do a little exploring. Austin and the surrounding cities do a great job of making them accessible and on a hot day, that cool water is perfect. Barton Springs as small spring fed swimming pool is also extremely cold water great for a hot August day and great for safe snorkeling. It's sad when someone decides to move to a place physically and doesn't move mentally. Quit comparing your old place to this place, be here, accept it, accept the people and take advantage of this opportunity to be a part of it all and it will start to feel like your real home. This advice doesn't just go for Californians moving here, it goes for all states and all the international implants we get here as well. Coming here? Then be here, not there.

  8. Why someone would want to move to Texas from San Diego is beyond me. Comparing San Diego to Texas is like comparing a beautiful paradise to a brown hellhole. The main reason people move out of California is because they can't afford it. This guy could afford a nice 2,000 square foot house in San Diego.

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