September 21, 2023
Hundreds of Nigerians repatriated from South Africa after attacks

began repatriating more than 600 of its citizens from following a wave of deadly xenophobic that …


22 thoughts on “Hundreds of Nigerians repatriated from South Africa after attacks

  1. Repatriated or they are leaving voluntarily? Al Jezeera you just want to make the news to sound well by captioning it with “REPATRIATION”!
    Al Jezeera you are now silent you no longer carry Nigerian news with all the killings that is going on under the man you help to put in power in 2015 you and CNN? In 2015 you were reporting every inch of the election, now that you have a lot to report for the whole world to hear and see you are silent!

  2. you do not like your African brother and your sister, it is a very very shame from South African people. The years 2008 and 2015 and today 2019 again you attack Africans without nothing

  3. South African going after the African brother and sister who trying to help bring jobs and skills to the lifestyle. The White man took away everything from them they afraid to go after them, but instead attacking the own sad..

  4. Fake news! The headline is misleading, Not more than 200 Nigerians left South Africa at this point. Some if not most will be back in no time. Of course South Africans would welcome all hundreds of Nigerians who are drug lords to be vacated or incarcerated.

  5. The question how did all started, cause some one much have done some thing to make them annoyed , before they stool up to act like this, all I will say is if you go to other country, repeat thier laws and rules, that is it

  6. When people say black South Africans are lazy, they don't know what promises were made starting in 1991 to appease a volatile country on the verge of mass Civil unrest.

    The long term South African project that began in 1994, to reverse about 112 years of colonial and apartheid rule and get black South Africans on par with their fellow white South Africans, the new social contract per say, was not communicated as having provisions for a vast asylum or economic refugee programme.

    The project has recently only made to fruition some goals from 27 years ago only now. The

  7. This is a tragic situation. Hard working individuals are subject to judgement due to the actions of criminals. Then the criminal elements who have taken atvantage of these people's strife need to be rooted out of society. If it's not spoken about as to why this keeps occuring it won't end.

  8. My Prediction is that It is going to happen again, this time around it will be worse. Let us all pray against xinophobia it's evil and wicked. My fellow south africans if there is something we shouldn't be doing is xenophobia. We are all africans.

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