July 7, 2022

44 thoughts on “Hundreds of Nigerians Who Fled Ukraine Finally Arrive in Abuja After Racist Treatment in Europe

  1. Think
    Thé War isn't finished,
    in our Africa Land WE have corrupted gouvernment, police, millitary. They using weapons to destroy us? When will WE stand together to fight thé oppression of Africa gouvernement?
    THE WAR ISN'T FINISHED?😡🤬😠😡😠🤬🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️❤️🦋

  2. Well its very good, AMMEEN
    I am asking myself a question was it a stratégie, manipulation to remove thé africains people from east Europe?
    If America were in War, were would black people go?

  3. I prayed for all of those kids just trying to get home safe. What a horrible HURTFUL experience for them to have to deal with along with being in an active warzone. I am so relieved that they have made it home!

  4. So happy these students made it back safely. Their cruel treatment was totally uncalled for. I pray 🙏🏾 they have learned who their true enemy is from this harsh experience. From their real oppressors. 💯

  5. I’m happy my kings 🤴🏿and 👸🏾 queen got home safe after Racist treatment from Poland Romania and Ukraine people leave them and go home it is not our fight black people have their own fight.

  6. Very unfortunately this is reality…. And recently another race is added: Russians. It's so very sad how deep humanity can sink. We need each other but we fight and discriminate. This state of mind is worse than any sickness. I'm happy to see so many people arriving save. Please build up an Africa to be proud of. The world needs so badly a good example…

  7. Glad you are Home. Please take your talents and help your Continent. It's is wasted abroad where you are not even welcome. Let the slavs fight amongst themselves 🙄

  8. I have been in prayer for all the suffering that the ppl of Ukraine is going through. But to find out that ppl of color were being turned away at the border with mistreatment while asking other nations to help them against the attacks from Russia. Yet the ppl of color was asked to fight in the military for Ukraine. I’m so happy to learn that help has finally arrived for ppl of color living in Ukraine/Europe. All ppl should be helped at the time of arrival no matter the color of their skin. How can you ask for help and turn away others for the color of their skin at the same time??? God is always watching. We must change!!! Continued prayers ❤️

  9. When Black people stop killing each other, when discrimination in Africa stops between light skinned blacks and dark skinned blacks, when Black people stop screaming racism at any opportunity, whether legitimate or not, maybe someone will start listening to you. I don’t know why Black people feel so entitled like they should have been let out of the country first, before women and children. But this is the risk you take when you go to another country. I live in America and there’s a reason I don’t go to other countries. I know that as an American I will not be treated nicely. Even and especially in places like Africa because my husband has traveled there many times. There is so much hypocrisy in these kind of YouTube videos that it just reinforces to a whole lot of white people not to listen to whatever you have to say. Clean up your own mess, and then you get to start telling other people what to do.

  10. While rascism is an unacceptable anywhere, I don't believe everyone in Ukraine is a rascist. You have good people who are trying to live their lives the best way humanly possible. May the buddhist gods of Nicherin buddhism afford them comfort and protection.

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