December 7, 2021

39 thoughts on “I am moving to Morocco for living! Why? What are the reasons? Perspective of Africa and my fears

  1. Yes,providing videos about mixed topics is nice thing to be done as well,i will be excited for both kinds of videos insha’allah.

  2. As for Islam, unfortunatly, Morrocans are too liberal so it's not the best choice and there is a lot of thugs just like in any other country, just don't go in rural areas and you're good.

  3. I'm morrocan and the air is humid in Coastal cities but in cities with no ocean it's arid for example Marrakech the air is not humid but in Tangiers the air is Humid

  4. There's a famous Muslim YouTuber called 'Hamza's Den' who helped so many converts. I think he can get you in touch with other Muslim women in your area insha'Allah. His email is in the description of his videos, you can contact him to help you so that you won't feel alone even when you come back to Europe. There are Muslims in every part of the world so don't worry 🙂

  5. I'm from Algeria which is near Marocco. You're right about the weather and food there, however if you want to have an Islamic lifestyle I'd advise you to avoid North Africa in general, because it's mostly secularized unfortunately, so…many aspects of Islam like modesty, family values… etc are slowly disappearing there. I recommend you gulf countries like Kuwait or Qatar instead. But it's good if you visit them all and make the comparison yourself, maybe you'll have a different perspective. Welcome to North Africa 💙

  6. As a Moroccan living in Morocco I can tell you this about your fears:
    1. The attention you’ll get as a foreigner heavily depends on which area you’re in. In modern/affluent parts of the cities you can walk around pretty much comfortably. But in the poorest parts you might get some catcalling, sadly.
    2. Traffic isn’t as crazy you imagine. Yes it’s not the same as in Europe but nothing too crazy.
    3. Taxis have a meter. When you get in you should only pay what’s on the meter.
    With that aside you are much welcome in Morocco and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here.

  7. We must understand the Islamic religion correctly in order to pass the (worldly) test!! God said (and I did not create the jinn and men except to worship them) meaning God who said that the end of our creation is worship… But he also said (and do not forget your share of the world) meaning man does not relate to the world because it is from its name is despicable and transient, and as the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him said He is (despicable) because a person must buy the Hereafter and sell the world because it is not a house of reward or comfort..The world is a house of affliction and testing from God.. The righteous dinar, may God be pleased with him, used to rise at night and fast during the day, and he was always among his servants, God bless. !! Do you know what he said to her!? He told her, "Let me learn a little, so that I may rest for a long time…. People must appreciate it right in the end. This is his fate and he determines it by his actions… People say life is tired and work and they are surprised!! By God??!! The world was not created for us to rest in the world, God created it so that we worship and work and toil in it so that God sees who deserves heaven and who deserves fire… and their deeds that determine…. We were not created for this..we were created for one reason, which is to worship God.

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