I Found This Only In Mozambique(Street Food)

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Comment (36)

  1. Don't ban it, but regularise it and safeguard society as food poisoning can be fatal. And then extend it to the rest of Africa. I'll consider doing something similar in West Africa. We should learn from each other.

  2. My family here in Detroit started selling food from our car in the 1970s..at Auto plants…prior to us opening a restaurant…..Food trucks are a big thing in the US today.

  3. I would understand why the government wants to make it illegal, I mean in a market like that it’s very easy for people to be serving cats and dogs and that’s a one way ticket to an epidemic heaven . 😷

  4. Some people always say Mozambique it's poorest country in Africa, that's lie, Mozambique it's rich in minerals like gas,gold,and diamonds..forget about GDP which made you to believe that crap…next year Mozambique will be world second biggest gas producer behind Qatar…just wait ten years later,Mozambique will be richest in Africa.. people don't know that Mozambique was in civil war for about 15 years

  5. Thanks bro; we live and we learn. “When all said and done; Do your best and forget the rest” there’s always “unknown,unknown”; “known, unknown” and “known, known”… as in you know you know something; you know you don’t know something; and you don’t know you don’t know something. Take care everyone.

  6. Love the music in this one. I will definitely check out her channel. The car/street food is a genius idea. I was surprised to hear her speak Portuguese (even though Miss Trudy already explained they speak that in her video). It sounds so similar to Spanish which I know quite well.

  7. What I like with Mozambique You don't see flies around food like some other African countries eating place see u fanning way flies I was also impressed with the fish market neat and clean no flies

  8. We've been doing this in Lagos since 1994 (when I started seeing it though), especially in Ikeja and Island.
    People use their cars/van mostly to sell food and guys use same to sell clothes, shoes and cosmetics.
    I bet a Nigerian must have somehow started it in Maputo, if you can trace it's real history.
    Nice video once again, Wode Maya ❤🔥👍🏿💪🏿


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