I Got Deported From Uganda To Rwanda

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Comment (38)

  1. I got so emotional while watching this video. Wode I m Rwandan, I too love you, I m always happy whenever I see that you are in Rwanda. Wherever you travel always know that you are welcome back anytime. You show us love we must live you back. Again thank you.

  2. I recommend you to RDB (Rwanda development bord) first to introduce yourself so that they will give you facilities and guide lines to explore the hole County. I they do not help you contact me I will do it myself

  3. He will finish his course of 55 African countries. It's not easy guys. Maya I will continue to support you. Guy support him. Lets get him to every African country. We can do it.

  4. yes go go go maya, go with god.. but please never come back and stop making videofilms, take your medicine and go back to the psychiatrist department were you escaped from, honestly the other patients miss you..

  5. Sorry bro Uganda when they see white people they feel that they're talking to angle which bad one I want to do my nails by Ugandan man I wait 1 hour and some min when he's doing to white women than he start mine 20 min he told me finish I ooh just like that the was the money same he told me she is white 👧 got very 😡 . Keep going don't let anyone to tell you that you're going nothing amazing things I saw from you be blessed


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