September 21, 2021

49 thoughts on “I Moved To Africa! How Much Did It Cost….. (Ghana, West Africa)

  1. It's a shame how many people have to move away from America and move to an even poorer place just to find some kind of peace. What does that say about america?? This country America to me seems like hell on earth to many people. Its sad when even some foreigners come here to make money and then go back home and live good.

  2. They brought us to this continent without our permission, now we have to pay to return… Greetings from Brazil brother!! When my financial situation improves I will move to Africa, my focus is Kenya, Rwanda, or Tanzania nations.

  3. Regarding the one-way airline ticket: I would recommend that people still look into round-trip flight tickets because sometimes they are cheaper or cost not too much more than a one-way ticket. Also if you get the round-trip flight ticket good for a year gives you options.

  4. We’re making the move soon. You inspire me to prepare to live in abundance. I’ve been working hard to keep my online businesses growing.

    I dream of Africa everyday! See you soon! Xoxo

  5. From the East Caribbean it is only 3and a half hours to Africa and we don't have a straight flight but to go to the UK its 10 hours 11000miles and we do have a straight flight the system so fxxk up its a shame 😠😠

  6. Hi Brother lockz, well we have been following your channel, GREAT Job done. So I wanted to talk business with you on how to improve on your videos. We have something nice to do for you .So how can we reach you?

  7. I’m from Eastern Europe going trough Naturalisation process in UK. Should get UK passport soon. Wondering how hard would it be for me to get down your ends. And would I be welcomed there? Thanks

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