Hey Dolls, welcome back to my channel, your girl relocated to Ghana and I’m loving every minute it. The peace of mind I get being back home is unexplainable. I have a lot in the works and will keep you all updated…

The price of the house in this video ranges from $300,000-$650,000 (3-6 bedrooms)
Rent prices are from $1300-2600/month

Are you looking for great quality beds, sofas, chairs, home décor in Ghana…. Shop below, all in stock items can be delivered as early as the next business day in the greater Accra Region and some parts of Eastern Region.

Are you looking to relocate to Ghana but unsure where to start? Book a 30 or 1hr consultation with me below.

Are you a diaspora looking to relocate to Ghana?
Are you unsure where to stand?
You’ve watched many YouTube videos but still unsure?
Are you looking to purchase a home ?
Do you want to rent a home before you make the transition?
Looking to start a business in Ghana but confused about which business to start?
Which part of Ghana should I live?
Which areas are best to live?
Is the electricity stable?
Will I get sick if I drink the water?
Is there stable internet service?
Are the phone service reliable?
What should I bring with me? Furniture, food? etc…
How can I ship all my things to Ghana? How long does it take?

Lets keep in touch
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Email: versatileglam@gmail.com


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