September 21, 2021

24 thoughts on “I REGRET MOVING TO AFRICA FROM THE U.S?!! Life on credit!

  1. Wait. You seriously moved from the united states, the best country in the world by far, to fucking Africa? And you expected it somehow to be even close to the way u had it in the USA? That's just idiotic. That's on u.

  2. Hi, Am African origin moved back to Africa from Canada. Two things in credit, number one if African banks supporting small business and loans for home buyers and government regulate in terms of interest rates. Is good. Personal loans to buy car or even other things not necessarily in Africa. In general on regular lifestyle in Africa you don’t need a fancy life style, if you can afford is good if not you will be fine much better then the western system which you basically working for just to survive. No worries you will be surviving in much more happiness.

  3. I mean it's simple logic I don't see how people don't understand this, people are a slave to money because of their own poor financial decisions nothing more nothing less. People spend what they don't have then wonder what went wrong. Yes their is more too it but my 2 parents and 3 brothers lived off 25k/year(annual) for over 26 years in the USA. Which is poverty salary in the US and I have lived comfortably, happy and extremely blessed. In two years I'll be making double what I've lived off of my whole life. It's not hard to save money if you live frugally for an amount of time and save as much money as possible you don't need a 500k house or a 20-40k car people just don't know how to manage their money/lifestyle.

  4. Who are you talking to bro? Since you have the idea why don’t you start? When I hear people talking like this about Africa, I wonder who they expect to provide what they are looking for? I don’t know about “Africa” but there is credit system in Ghana except the interest rate is high. Every problem has a solution if you put your head to it. Talk is cheap but it takes someone to make it happened. Put the camera down and start a credit business in your part of Africa.

  5. Don't be Fooled… That credit system is how they trap us in the debt system for life, working until you die! By the time you get that loan for a car & a house, you will be in debt for about 50 years. Working to pay it off!!! We call it WAGE SLAVES!!!

  6. Credit can be good and bad if you establish credit you have to keep up with your payments and on time unless you have good stable job if you by things with credit and don't pay your credit score can get ruined and can be hard to bring it back into good condition

  7. Find your way back to the west oh, you’re still young, 15 years is enough to make enough money to build afew rental units back home then go back and settle there

  8. I relocated to Enugu Nigeria & I’m happy with my decision! I show a lot of exciting things on my YouTube channel
    Your favorite Philly girl 🇺🇸 in Enugu, Nigeria 🇳🇬

  9. It is only a matter of time before Africa gets connected up, both infrastructure and finance. If it is relatively stable and you can invest while it is cheap and debt becomes easily accessible over time the growth will explode and the value of the assets skyrocket.

    Personally, I like the debt free lifestyle, but had to incur debt to buy the businesses and real estate. Cashing out to be debt free decades later when the prices through inflation had lifted the assets, freed me from all the obligations to the banks and left a large amount of cash to trade/invest/live with.

    If I was young, like you, I would try to invest in Africa and build something up to capture that growth. The populated parts of Africa will not remain cheap forever. They will boom and those not invested will be left behind.

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