September 21, 2021


  1. Lol…..ok tell this bizarre story to Africans who are LITERALLY dying in oceans and deserts just to reach American soil! America is not paradise at this point NO WHERE is paradise anymore, the world has changed and so has mankind. No matter where you are may you find happiness, peace and love!
    Peace n Blessings🕊

  2. This message was direct and sharp. This dude has learned a hard lesson. Atleast he had a house he can go back and retire. So bad he lost connection with his family.

  3. I am planning to leave US. But I was in the matrix, indoctrinated in the generational slave mentally & stuck raising my children. But my kids are grown now , I’m WOKE & so I’m out. I’m making my exit plan now

  4. Brother you're calling your mistakes one by one. You've identified them but what are you doing about it? You're only shooting a ball of hot air. Stop procrastinating. No one is stopping you from leaving…..

  5. I can attest to what that brother is saying! I moved from the Caribbean to America. I have been here for over 25 years and it has taken a toll on my spirit, body and soul! I have started suffering from debilitating depression. People can say what the heck they want, but I KNOW that for me, this is not a chemical imbalance. It is a SOCIAL imbalance. Existing in this culture is DRAINING, DEBILITATING AND TOXIC! Living in this place, you may make good money, but what you give up in exchange for that living as a black person in this culture is NOT WORTH IT. This is a very harsh and lonely place. There is no REAL sense of community here. It's a very individualistic culture.
    I am putting things into place to get the hell out of here within the next year! I want to live in a country where I can look around me and see people who look like me and where I feel like I fit into the culture. I don't fit into this culture AT ALL. One would think that the more years you spend here, the more you get acclimated to the culture, but that is not true for everyone and it certainly wasn't true for me. The more the years go by, the more disgusted by and disconnected from this culture I feel. I am existing in this country, not living! I want to LIVE! Life is too short to be in a place where you are not happy and feel like a fish living in the desert.

  6. Everything he is staying is true.
    100% Accurate.
    And like he said, when you first arrive in America, you won't see America as a waste of your time and your life. You won't see the truth about America for the first 10 years. After 10 years, you will start to see how demonic and evil America is….I didn't really stay noticing until I was about 27… It took me 10 years to realize that I will never be happy here. It took me 10 years to realize that I will never be respected because my skin is black. The only respected black ppl in America are famous black ppl. If you are not a famous person of African descent, you will never be fully accepted or truly respected in America….It doesn't matter how much money you have. You can be an African Millionaire and Americans will never truly respect you or have legitimate friendships with you unless you have fame and power. I actually feel lucky that I'm Ghanaian because I know I can move back to Ghana in the future. I feel sorry for African Americans and African immigrant children born in America. They can't move back to Africa if they wanted to because in many ways, America is their home. America is a waste of time, life, and energy. You will never be truly happy here. You will never have any real friends here. Your children born here will suffer with emotional and identity crisis. You will work 3 jobs and still end up in DEBT and live on LOANS. If you don't plan yourself well, you will end up old and broke because you can't work those 3 jobs anymore….and when you are too old to work 1 job, you will be put in a nursing home to die ALONE….Your children won't even come visit you in the nursing home….there is reason why so many ppl in America are committing suicide and ending on drugs….why?….because the longer you live here, the more empty and dead you feel…..You become so numb, empty, and tired…..and then you end like many Americans that smoke weed everyday to cope with life.


  8. Live from Atlanta, Georgia in the US… Life here is HARD, VIOLENT, ISOLATED AND UNFULFILLED!!! US in the Diaspora who aren't fooled DESPERATELY want to come home… Don't make the mistake of getting stuck here!!! Build up Home for us all to enjoy

  9. God bless you more brother..main Africa's ppls don't know this..I and my families have been in Europe for years my kids was born here.but we re moving back to Nigeria.. but so main ppls think we re foolish..but we are not

  10. This is not the land of the free. I was born here. Everything is set up to entrap you. Everything. From school to work. It's an ugly shiny trap. You have to be extremely intelligent, emotionally, disciplined, and hyper-focused here. Because people see that and they try to attach themselves to you because they know they can get out. But they're so blind that they think it's just to get to success. But you're trying to escape. You have to keep your head on a swivel. I leave 2022.

  11. Ok guys let’s get real here, ok? The truth is that the genius of America is hard work. I am a middle age man who came here about 12 years ago. I got here, got an education, and now make very very good money. It’s very tough but do-able. It all depends on the person and your individual ability. This country is purely about merit. If you have the skill they want, they will pay you, ok? You can do anything you want. You experiences are the direct consequences of your choices.

  12. My name is Njerakey and I am from Chad. I have been living in America (Maryland and Ohio) for 12 years. Everything this brother says is true and I am a living example of that. After staying in America for almost 13 years, I finally realized the illusion of the American dream at the age of 27. I am leaving for Africa at the end of this month. I don’t care what they say about Africa. My education would at least serve Africa instead of being second class in this miserable place. Africa is the place to be.

  13. I am an African American. He’s 100% correct. The American dream is like the constitution… only for them.

    Not only that… pray that you’ll never run into the police. Africa is where it’s at. Build up Africa to protect the Diaspora.

  14. To add on to what this brother speaking on is the Europeans have planned, and want to happen is for the greater number of African people leave the continent they will then own the entire continent and all it’s resources. They want everything all the resources, animals, and people totally under their control. Conquer the continent without military resistance. Look at what they have done to the what they now call the island of Diego-Garcia, one inhabited by people that had lived there for centuries. They were move to different places. They separated the people to other places and made Diego-Garcia a vacation (rest and playground) spot for the military. The people that once lived on that island all died homeless and alone. They did not have the ability to change their situation. This where Africa is headed now without realizing what and how they are being manipulated.

  15. Can you please tell this guy to give a call at 336 898….or follow me and Facebook Connie Connie Because I’m packing my stuff to move to Ghana too so maybe we can be together🤷🏿‍♂️👀🤷🏻

  16. Yes Im American I lived in Uganda its very beautiful. I miss it. America is a hard life . I have a wonderful group of friends in Uganda I want to see more and more of Uganda. They dont have our snacks. hahaha. You do have a lot of men to date. In USA I never met anyone ever So yes Africa is beautiful. America is slavery. Dont get it twisted

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