September 19, 2021


  1. So sorry. I love all thiese people true south african. Pouring all their love and care. Everyone of us. Are going through hell! Ancuety to the maximum. Please somebody heal us.

  2. I knew a person who got burned alive because he was a foreigner, he died his family are now suffering he left the world and wife and children, this is really sad – for his family and others my fear is that our children will face the same hatred or even death when they go to other African countries for better opportunities as our beloved country is declining😭😭😭😭

  3. The Crime rate is true, the more you move to the cities, the more the crime, crime is a little low in the rural areas, but i lived in Hatfield, Pretoria, is the is the safest, securities and police are always roaming…
    Interms of work opportunities, there is close to non, and many ppl think that there are lot of job opportunities, even if you have a degree, we still struggle… you should have went to Europe instead

  4. Your feelings are understandable. I don't blame you. Having lived in South Africa my whole life it hurts to see it slowly turning into a place i hardly can recognize. I don't think it's just the crime though. It's as if there is a slow decay of humanity. People caring less about others. People being selfish. People always trying to take advantage of others. People finding pleasure in others suffering. A spirit of negativity and feeling unsure about the future. It's hard to explain but it's like every day gets harder. Personally i do hope things get better for you.

  5. It’s understandable what you are saying. South Africa was not a good fit for you. No country is perfect and we have our own problems. We will try our best to fix them and hopefully other people that visit will have a better experience. UK probably would have been a better fit for you. All the best.

  6. The feelings you were experiencing are very similar to what a lot of South Africans also experience as well, so it's not just experienced by foreigners. It's of course a consequence of economic difficulties that most people experience, and crime is always something that is top of mind. I hope that two years on, your opinion is somewhat altered. Being a foreigner means you at least have a "backup country" whereas most South Africans don't have that option, so we kind of have to adjust and just go with it.

  7. in South Africa if you dont what you want with your life you will keep blaming everything on it people… we have people who are not from SA doing businesses nd get tenders problems you dont get financial support… you will work as waiter if you dont want to start business nd we used to our life style

  8. Problem in my country is that criminals are free in my own opinion our justice system. To me they are not doing enough to protect us that's why when a criminal. Does something they know. In prison they will be well taken care off and that's the thing that sucks for real and that's the sad truth

  9. I lived in Wales for 4 years at universty. Very free I was, I would even forget to lock my house, I could take walks in the middle of the night with no fear. Having lived in most european countries I can never imagine living in a place where I hv to look over my shoulder. I live in Botswana currently and its as safe as anything.

  10. Hon that's 100% your opinion and you've got full rights to.
    But South Africa has done a lot for the world a lot for africa and takes little steps that other African nations don't and that's a Cheers to them.
    Don't take any offence to this but I know I'd live more comfortably And safely in South Africa Then Tanzania.

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