May 29, 2023
I Share My Husband with 2 Other Wives (Maasai Marriage Story)

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Yayai is part of the Maasai tribe, one of the largest and best-known tribes. One of the Maasai traditions that continues to live to this day is the custom of polygamy (or, more specifically, polygyny). As someone with a European upbringing, I’ve always been taught that a successful relationship can only exist between two people… But that’s not how everyone around the world lives and thrives.

I’ve decided to ask Yayai about what marriage is like in her Maasai culture, and she really opened my eyes to the fact that there is no single recipe for a good relationship (except, maybe, to respect your partner!). I’m hoping you’ve also come here with an open mind and without judgment – because even if you may not agree with someone’s way of life, you should always find a way to respect it (if they’re not doing anything to harm you).

I also know that there’s a lot that I will never find out about, and of course many other socio-political issues at stake here. But it is not the purpose of this video to discuss them at length: this video is merely a small dip into the idea of polygamy in Maasai marriage, and that’s the scope of it.

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32 thoughts on “I Share My Husband with 2 Other Wives (Maasai Marriage Story)

  1. Weird how the women can’t have multiple men but brainwashed to think they have to be okay with men having multiple wives. So many double standards

  2. I think its important for every each of us to find out how we want to live love/relationship/s and not just live what our culture learned us. i am polyamor myself and for me its such a wonderful way to be connected and to really go deep in the relationships.

  3. 1 Corinthians 2:4 NKJV — And my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,

  4. We respect that's what they believe, how 🎉 to help them educate…they need help to learn more ///// children needs to be educated/ in everything ,,…. if I'm Billionnaire I will let them to invent to have 1. They don't have electricity 2. They don't have restrooms / they need to drink clean water ….etc…

  5. I wonder how polygamy changes over cultural lines.

    My dad traveled to the Middle East for work and met a man there who was raised in a polygamous household. He said the wives "fight like cats" and there's a often a huge power struggle for resources, (if one wife gets something, they all have to get it).

    I wonder if it's the same here. Keep in mind too that often only the ideal side of things is shared with outsiders.

  6. Polygamy only works for the society if men are scarse (usually because they die in war and/or when they are hunting large animals) or if there is also polyandry (meaning women having multiple husbands).

    Polygamy in societies where there are about the same number of men and women (or when there are more men than women) creates a huge problem for many young men who then can't get a wife because the older rich men marry too many of the young women. Then a lot of the young men who are left without any hope of getting a wife often get destructive and create problems.

  7. There is so many lonely people In the western world. Parents raising kids with no support is becoming ever so common. I totally understand why stephanie chose that life, I would too!

  8. São mulheres maravilhosas e fortes. Mas devemos nos lembrar que as mulheres Maasai passam por mutilação genital feminina, o que torna as relações íntimas muito dolorosas. É difícil até urinar! Por isso, quando há várias esposas, as relações íntimas também são divididas entre elas, o que permite que algumas descansem e se recuperem, enquanto a esposa da vez cumpre com os deveres conjugais. Não há ciúme, porque é um verdadeiro alívio quando o marido vai dormir com uma das outras mulheres, porque, para aquela que vai passar a noite sozinha, é uma noite sem sentir dor.

  9. I think we should stop romanticizing the patriarchal lifestyle of these tribes… How about genital mutilation, child/forced marriage, child pregnancies (and high maternal and infant mortality rates), women being treated as property and having no rights and so on?
    And for everyone saying how these women are so happy, do you think anyone asks them what they think and if they are happy? It's something they don't even ask themselves, they are just living the life and choices others have made for them. As for jealousy, in the Maasai tribe women are the property of men, they are now allowed to be jealous or to have opinions (with very few exceptions), they cannot challenge their men's decisions in any way. So they just accept everything.
    Also the men and women live a segregated life, each of them has a role to fulfill and they don't even meet that often.

  10. in time the caucasian will seek to sell homosexuality, criminalize polygyny and introduce promiscuity , whoredom and abuse, then come parading themselves as saviors. history records this.

  11. I believe in Christianity. Adam and Eve were soulmates. They had two kids. Masai: They are having too many children. They must have two children first wife and one each of the other two wives. All those kids will devastate the natural resources of Africa. Start to sum up if each of the 22 children start to have 22 children each. When you cannot find a husband you just become an auntie. Women are not cows. How would men feel in their feet? Will they stand such? Also, they are having too many children to love them enough. The most children you have the least love each child receive. Once one of the children is two years old you are pregnant with the next child. The first child is still a baby. When there is too much of something we don't value it. I believe in having two children to replace current population or one to reduce it. And having a second just after first is seven years old and has grown with all human love he or she deserved. When the government does not require the citizens to pay and have it all free they become greedy. Without limits humans are reckless.

  12. People would like to be in polygamous marriages. It's just not legal in the USA. Here, you can only marry one person. A shame, really. I understand what she talks about. When you add more people, love becomes round and full. And it fills your life with happiness.
    Edit: and also. Why is it illegal? The Mormons

  13. Yiyi is so sweet and soft spoken. When she speaks of love you can see it beats within her heart and soul. There are advantages to both ways of life but when these Western males bring the co wife in I am afraid women will turn into Western Warriors.😂❤

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