September 21, 2021

12 thoughts on “I Was Not Born In Africa But………

  1. My friend it's a wonderful move. I am originally from Grenada and now living in Toronto Canada for over thirty years, I can't wait to move to Africa, that's my next move. One have to be enlighten to understand our African Roots. First, our ancestors were taken from Africa by the British and brought to the Caribbean..they worked the sugarcane plantations and the cocoa plantation and made Britain wealthy. After they used our ancestors they left us there to fend for ourselves. When you understand that the Caribbean is not our home you yearn for home. AFRICA. The mother land. As a black person there's something about Africa that heals our soul. Heal us from years of oppression. Heal us from depression. Heal our spirit, heal us completely. Bring us to self awareness. One can only get to that level of consciousness when one understands what was done to us and make a conscious decision to change it. We change it by seeking Africa, our homeland. (Mama Africa) she calls us every day but we can only hear her voice when we open up to her. She calls us every day but we are caught up with life as we know it that we don't hear her. I heard her four years ago and I am so happy I listened to her and gained the enlightenment I was lacking.
    I believe each and everyone of us, and I am speaking from a Caribbean point of view. Each one of us owe it to our ancestors to move back home. I strongly believe this. They were taken against their will. Forced on to ships and brought to the Caribbean. Just imagine the condition on those ships. They suffered. Many jumped over board. Many were dumped overboard when the seas were rough. Many died and many were murdered. 😭😭😭. On arrival to the Caribbean they suffered for hundreds of years. I called it the greatest crime against humanity. For those reasons we owe it to our ancestors to move back home. It's the greatest honor we can give to them.
    Don't be discourage my beloved brother. May our ancestors guide you on your journey. Trust them. Open up to them they'll lead you. Listen to their voices and obey their instructions. They are waiting for you, they'll receive you with open arms.

    Sorry for the ramblings. 🀣

  2. My mum say's that to me.." why you want to go to Afrika." she said if she going to live in any country besides England it will be Jamaica because ahh Deh she born and home is where the heart is. She even go as far to say to me that England is my home. If England is my home and accepts me for who I am then they would not treat my children the way they do. They use me my employer's let my colleague's verbally abuse me to the point I suffered with anxiety and depression. I ended up having therapy for 6 weeks, I feel much better and I am back to my happy self. With all that I have been through I will not give up on my journey to Afrika even though my family don't agree. So I know what it feels like when you feel that you are not fully supported. BLESS

  3. Agreed. I’m a Jamaican living in Canada, I always felt displaced and yearning for healing through the ancestors on the continent. My only concern is I will probably go by myself and don’t know anyone there. Do you know the country you and your wife want to settle in?

  4. I'm planning on repariating to Africa. Both my parents are Jamaican and I was born in the UK, but I love Africa and feel that is where I am meant to be. Please do not let anybody discourage you. Alot of people who are negative have never even been to Africa. You can live a better life and do very well over there. I'm currently learning an African language and cannot wait to be there permanently.

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