September 22, 2023
If You Don't Know YOUR ENEMY……

It would appear as a race or in our individual capacity we do not know our enemy or enemies? Who is your enemy?
How do you know your enemy?
How would you defeat your enemy?
Here is our intellectual basis we use to tackle the statement if you don’t know your enemy ..In conclusion if you don’t know your enemy what will happen? YOU will Perish. You will NEVER succeed because you will work against your being, brothers and sisters, ancestors, Divinities and Happiness!
Do you KNOW Your enemies? Here is the way you can identify your enemies… Share, Comment and SUBSCRIBE.
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37 thoughts on “If You Don't Know YOUR ENEMY……

  1. Religion was imported to Africa,
    some Africans countries are more Religious than countries who exported Religion.

    Today Powerful African countries now apply spiritual solutions to physical problems

  2. I am glad you checked the levels of the mic. This makes the video more enjoyable. I find your videos very informative and appreciate them. Salute

  3. My O might God bless you always and keep blessed for time I would like to take this opportunity further to Thankyou so much for the smart and sophisticated Teacher u are amazing

  4. That young man at the beginning sounds like the King David story. I believe egyptologist call him Narmer or Menes. I always thought that he represented the King David story but the young man presented in this video, I never heard of and never saw that bust but the story is similar.

  5. Somalis are enemies of Bantu people.
    Aksumites are Enemies of Kushites, they attacked kush under their King Ezana and in 325 AD they put an End to the Kushite Nubian State sparking the great migration northwards.

  6. All MAARIFADO videos are precious jewels for any Afrikan, in Afrika or in the diaspora and I hope that they will all be supported financially by all MDA ( Melanin Dominated Afrikans). They speak volumes but in one short video so that anyone can easily understand and benefit. People in general don't like to read books but these videos come on handy and easy to most of us. I fully support them!!!

  7. I think you speak some truth for one you speak to much of white people being a enemies at very early times at a time we was all black and if they was here you could count them in your hands you don't use the Bible to often and your saying who is hams shem or Japheths people we started off black and we all come from Africa so therefore we was all mellinated people so why are you doing that your lumping people together like so called white people do we are all tribes and family and all had progintors or father's so who is who when your saying strong melanated people every black person was not ham shem or Japheth everyone was black this has been proven most people was not white then you skip other black tribes native Americans are black so was Chinese only becoming white later very much later there's documents of this so you can't skip pic or choose who want to just go bye the bible every is Israelite black or not I feel that you are lieing

  8. Just like animals we have enemies. One law of nature is know thyself and they enemy. MDH KNOW THYSELF AND THY ENEMIES. and learn their tactics.

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